50 Cent said it best when he said,

“It’s hot, you ain’t got no drop – you not like me.” Now I’m not saying that everyone should buy a convertible, but when it’s hot, dress appropriately.  Consider a transition from leather to canvas, pants to shorts, but most of all, ROCK THE COLORFUL TANK TOP!  I’m not talking about that sweaty old wife beater with the yellow armpit stains; throw that out with your 8 Mile VHS tape.  This year, colorful stripes, patterns and solids are in!

In years past, tank tops were associated with meatheads who had muscles where their brains should be. That notion is now out the window.  The colorful tank top can work for any man regardless of his size or weight.

How a colorful tank can work for you:

If you have a skinny build, a colorful tank top will give you a casual look that says you are confident in your style. If you’ve got a more athletic build with some muscle definition, wearing a stylish tank is the perfect way to show off your guns without looking like you’re auditioning for a Mr. Universe competition.  Bigger guys with a few extra lbs. can rock the tank top, so long as the fit is appropriate.  But word to the wise – make sure your tank fits loosely; tight fitting baby tanks and sleeveless T’s can make you look cocky and narcissistic. Also, for larger men, I suggest following the “vertical stripes over horizontal stripes” rule of thumb… and maybe consider hitting the gym?

Protect Yo’ Skin

If you’re planning on getting some sun while rocking a colorful tank, precaution is advised.  Just like your face, ears and neck need a little sunscreen to keep them from roasting under the ultraviolets, your newly naked shoulders are going to need love too. If you’re not already applying a daily regimen of lotion with SPF protection, stop reading this and pick some up immediately. Save yourself from dry skin, future wrinkles, skin cancer and the general ravages of time.  I guarantee you’ll thank me later.

Personally, I use Mens Facial lotion with SPF 21 from Clinique.

Farmers beware

All that being said, don’t be that guy with the awkward farmer’s tan either.  Locations like the beach or pool are safe havens from judgements on your “tan in progress”, but shopping malls and grocery stores are not your friend if you look like Powder from the elbow up.

One last thought:

Like any bright or flashy article of clothing, consider simplifying the rest of your outfit when you rock the colorful tank top.  Too many bright colors and patterns can make you look desperate for attention or just plain clueless.

Now go out there, buy a colorful tank top and let the revolution begin!