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Dallas, TX
Trying out my first seersucker tie. Nice basic color. If I like this one, I'll be back to buy more. Never had a seersucker so I'm curious to how it feels and looks.
Paul P.
New Jersey
If you must
If you have to weaar a tie in the summer it better be a seersucker. Waited 3 days to get this tie for a wedding in Miami, in the middle of summer. Looked good, felt good. Hard to order online sometimes becaues you can never tell how ti's going to look. I took chance anway. Very happy I did.
Penn State
Bought this as a gift for my boyfriend. My parents loved him in this tie. I love love seersucker. Please bring more. You don't have any new ones.
Good buy
Very happy with this tie and can't really beat the price. No complaints!