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10 Best Father’s Day Gifts for Every Type of Dad Whether a sport's fan or a master chef, there's a gift for every type of dad

Father’s Day is creeping up on us and it’s time to show him just how much you love and appreciate him. Instead of getting your dad the same ol’ tube socks or a coffee mug, why don’t you step up your game and get him something he’ll actually enjoy? We’ve gathered up the top 10 gifts for Father’s Day out there for your unique type of dad.

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For the Dapper Dad

Father's Day Gift Guide: Comb Bottle Opener

Old Fashioned Comb Bottle Opener from Cool Material, $28

Your dapper dad can enjoy his favorite bottled beer and look good doing it! Help your dad stay well-groomed even after he’s knocked back a few with this stainless steel comb bottle opener.

Father's Day Gift Guide: Executive Clasp Tie Bar

Executive Clasp Tie Bar from, $18

It might seem like a small accessory, but it make the big difference to any man’s outfit. Make your dad look like the classiest man in the room with the Gunmetal Executive Clasp Tie Bar from

For the Sports Fanatic Father

Father's Day Gift Guide: Game Tickets on Stub Hub

 Game Tickets from

There’s no better gift for a sports fanatic than tickets to a game with their favorite team. Whether the seats are close enough to see the players’ beads of sweat or far up in the nosebleed sections, it sure beats watching the game from home on TV. is a great place where fans can buy and sell tickets, so you’ll be able to find a good deal.

Father's Day Gift Guide: Table Top Foosball

Retro Tabletop Foosball from Trademark Games, $25

With this miniature foosball table, your dad can experience the thrill of a friendly competition right at home. Challenge the whole family to play during game night and have some good old fashioned family bonding time.

For the Techie

Father's Day Gift Guide: Wifi Cufflinks

 WiFi Hotspot Cuff Links from Red Envelope, $250

If your dad is like most people and owns a smartphone, then WiFi is probably his best friend. Now, with these nifty high tech cuff links, he’ll be take his own personal hotspot anywhere he goes (and look great doing so).

Father's Day Gift Guide: Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast, $35

Love to stream movies but don’t have the money for an expensive smart TV? The Google Chromecast is the answer to your prayers. This thumb-sized device will transform any TV into a smart TV. Simply download an app and your dad will be on his way to streaming Netflix and Youtube right on his prized flatscreen.

For the Master Chef

Father's Day Gift Guide: Craft Beer Cookbook

 The Craft Beer Cookbook by Jacquelyn Dodd from Urban Outfitters, $20

It’s pretty common to cook with wine to bring out delicious flavors, but did you know you can also cook with beer? With this Craft Beer Cookbook, you dad can create hundreds of dishes with these drool-worthy recipes that features some of his favorite brews .

Father's Day Gift Guide: Grilling Set

10-Piece Grilling Set by Cuisinart, $99

To an experienced grill master like your dad, the right grilling tools make all the difference. Make sure your old man has everything he needs to cook up his famous BBQ ribs or marinated steak with a 10-piece premium grilling set from Cuisinart.

For the Handy Man

Father's Day Gift Guide: Leatherman Crater C33TX Knife

Leatherman Crater C33TX Knife from REI, $42

You’ll never hear your dad say, “I wish I brought my screwdriver” again! The Leatherman Crater C33TX Knife has a stainless steel blade and features two types of screwdrivers and a bottle opener. This convenient multi-tool is perfect to slip into his back pocket so your handy dad will be prepared for virtually anything.

Father's Day Gift Guide: 53 Household Tool Kit

53-Piece Household Tool Kit by Apollo Precision Tools, $40

A handy man would be nowhere without his tools. With this comprehensive 53-piece tool kit, he’ll be able to fix up anything around the house in a jiffy.

Whatever you choose to give your father, make sure you take the time to tell him you love him. It often isn’t said enough and it’s usually the best gift a dad could ever receive. Now, go out and celebrate another amazing Father’s Day with the dude that made you!

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