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10 Father’s Day Gifts to Make Dad Feel Dapper Find something for the man that has everything else


It’s almost that time of year again. He raised you, he taught you right from wrong, he’s been around to see you at your best and your worst. Through his actions, you’ve grown to understand how to become successful in life and how to recover from mistakes. You owe a lot of what you know to good ole’ dad. Admit it. Your dad’s got swagger. This Father’s Day, it’s time to remind your dad how awesome he is and treat him to something he’ll really appreciate. For all the dads out there with good taste and a deft appreciation for the finer things in life, this gift guide is sure to impress.

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1. Who: The dad that values high style and functionality


What: The Phone Charging Leather Wallet, Sharper Image, $60

Why: If your dad’s the kind of man that gravitates toward functional, streamlined, no-fuss style, consider getting him something with dual functionality, such as this Phone Charging Leather Wallet from Sharper Image. He’ll be grateful that he can keep all of his essentials together in one pocket, and he’ll appreciate the quality craftsmanship of this sleek portable battery when he’s running from business meeting to business meeting.

 2. Who: The rugged dad that appreciates minimalist details


What: Standard Keysmart + Bottle Opener, Huckberry, $20

Why: Your dad’s the kind of man that likes to be ready for anything in a pinch. Update his tried-and-true key ring with a Keysmart from Huckberry. Not only does this gift’s sleek design provide a modern twist to the traditional, clunky key ring, it also comes with a handy bottle opener so dad can be ready anywhere, anytime if and when a cold beer comes his way.

 3. Who: The dad that could use a good drink, and perhaps a new hobby

What: Personalized Barrel Whiskey Bootleg Kit, Wine Enthusiast, $100

Why: There’s so many good things about this gift. Not only does it allow dad a well-deserved sip of whiskey, the do-it-yourself initiative of this gift will give him something to get his hands on and have fun with in his free time. Who knows, good ole’ dad might become a fine whiskey connoisseur before you know it! As if that weren’t enough, the barrel itself is handcrafted in America, can be personalized to your liking, and will double as a cool decorative piece when it’s not in use.

4. Who: The dad that cares about timeliness


What: Cork Watch, Uncommon Goods, $50

Why: Timepieces are always a hit for Father’s Day. However, this particular watch made of the bark of a Cork Oak Tree goes above and beyond the aesthetic of any “average” accessory, and will be a unique addition to your dad’s watch collection. The cork itself has been sustainably harvested, and is durable, flexible, and naturally water-resistant.

5. Who: The dad that means business


What: Columbia Messenger, Herschel, $105

Why: What dad doesn’t love a good messenger bag? Perfect for work and travel, this particular lightweight messenger bag from Herschel is durable and stylish. Your dad will want to show this off at the office, and you may just want to get one for yourself too. We don’t blame you.

 6. Who: The detail-oriented dad that likes to dress up


What: 6 Custom Brass Collar Stays, Owen & Fred, $45

Why: It seems that men who dress to a T are a dying breed these days. If your dad still appreciates the luxury of a silk pocket square or trusty collar stay, then this is the gift for him. Not only are these collar stays made out of brass, they are also completely customizable. Have your dad’s initials or the both of your names engraved for a special touch.

7. Who: The dad that doesn’t want anything, but still deserves a hurrah


What: Custom Beer Bottle Labels, Pinhole Press, $12

Why: Why is it that so many dads always say that there’s nothing they want or need for Father’s Day? It makes our job of getting them the perfect gift to say thank you that much more challenging. However, for some dads, a simple thanks is truly all they need to be happy. For these dads, choose his favorite brew and order these custom beer bottle labels. Customize the labels with a photo of the two of you together and a few simple words, like “Number 1 Dad,” or “Thank You Brew.” He’ll appreciate the sentiment, and he’ll want to keep a beer bottle afterward because you went the extra mile. Mission accomplished.

 8. Who: The dad who really could use a bit of a wardrobe update


What: Tie, Tie bar, and Pocket Square Combo, Ties.com, $45-$75

Why: Sure, everyone says that “dad doesn’t need another tie” for Father’s Day, but sometimes the old man really could use a bit of a style update! And what better than to share your sartorial prowess with the man who raised you? Rather than settling for one tie this Father’s Day, go big and get your dad an entire coordinating arsenal of accessories. Dads that are style-challenged or have a job that requires them to dress their best day in and day out could really benefit from this gift. We recommend going for a tie, tie bar, and pocket square to really up the ante on this tried-and-true Father’s Day gift staple.

9. Who: The good Old Fashioned dad


What: Crystal & Pewter Rocks Glass, Kaufmann Mercantile, $70

Why: This is for all the good ole’ fashioned dads out there that appreciate nothing more than relaxing with an Old Fashioned, White Russian, or straight up Whiskey after a long day. This low-ball glass is hand-crafted in Italy out of fine crystal and pewter, and comes marked with a trademark of the artisans who made it. Definitely a gift for those who know the value of good glassware and a strong drink.

 10. Who: The dad that prides himself on a well-adorned Man Cave


What: The Magnificent Multitude of Beer Wall Map (60″ x 40″), Pop Chart Lab, $90

Why: You’ve got the kind of dad that has a well-preserved, well-adorned man cave that he takes exceptional care of and retreats to daily. Add a touch of awesome to your dad’s space with this giant wall map. This print by Pop Chart Lab is probably the most complete charting of beer ever, and includes over 500 individual beers, as well as glassware recommendations for each. Sure, you and your dad might not get to try every single variation, but you’ll certainly never get bored of this ridiculously cool Father’s Day Gift.

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