10 Ideas For Choosing The Best Country Attire For Grooms And Groomsmen

When choosing country wedding attire, you can say goodbye to that sleek tux with the satin lapel and even the luxurious black bow tie that you own. Country wedding attire is about dressing to the country scene while remaining impeccably dressed at your big day.

It’s important to consider what your bride to be will be wearing. Even though it’s bad luck to see the bride in her dress before the wedding, getting an idea can help you to plan the attire for you and the groomsmen crew.

For country weddings, the landscape has shifted with what’s appropriate for men’s wedding attire and provides you with the option to be marginally more casual than usual and have more flexibility with colors.

As the popularity of country weddings rises, we thought you may need a helping hand and put together 10 ideas to help you and your groomsmen choose the best country attire.

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Tweed vests

Without the jacket, tweed vests and a crisp white cotton shirt look the business, without actually looking overly formal. It’s okay to invest a little extra in a tweed vest that’s high-quality, it can be worn again with navy blue slacks or even jeans when you want to dress down.

Blue denim

That’s right, of course, blue jeans were going to make it onto the list! Country wedding attire for grooms and groomsmen can be as simple as sporting a pair of blue jeans and they even match the wedding theme more than a smart suit. The key to wearing jeans at a wedding is all about presentation; make sure the jeans fit well in either a boot cut or skinny fit and absolutely no rips or creases.

The Gordon Gekko


Wedding Silver Tie

Elegance with a touch of metal, the wedding silver tie to make heads turn. Made from 100% silk, this tie is a combination of cool and classy.

Don’t expect to be dressing as formal as the big shot money maker from Wall St when attending your country wedding. However, a solid-colored tie and suspenders are a classic look that’s becoming more popular. Skip the jacket, tux and formal suit and choose a linen-cotton shirt with either a tweed tie or a smart cotton tie in a grey or silver wedding tie.

Wonderful wool

If your wedding is in the fall or winter, the chances are that the weather is going to be a bit chilly. Consider a sports jacket with a wool lambswool sweater underneath to keep you looking stylish and warm.

The classic white cotton shirt


Oliver Herringbone White Dress Shirt

  • Flat felled seams
  • Reinforced side seam gusset
  • Double layer back yoke
  • Subtle herringbone weave

Classic white cotton shirts are timeless and can be worn with almost any country groom and groomsmen outfit. The versatile classic white cotton shirt can be paired with anything from blue jeans, khaki shorts, dress pants to tweed trousers. We suggest you sport the classic white shirt with khaki or brown tweed trousers for an authentic country vibe.

A unique jacket

Electic jackets are all the rage at the moment and if you’re a groom that wants something a little bit out there a unique jacket is a great idea. Maintaining your elegant demeanor for your big day is no easy feat but with the right jacket, you can represent your style by rocking a bright tweed jacket or an earthy-toned corduroy jacket with suede elbow patches.

Tie the knot

When it comes to a tie for your country wedding attire, you’ve got quite the selection to choose from. With a tweed suit jacket and a white shirt, we suggest that you rock a skinny knitted tie with a pattern. Even if you’re wearing the same suit as the lads, this works well to ensure you stand out from the groomsmen with your own definitive style and attire.


Laos Brown Knit Skinny Tie

We’ve pulled out all the stops for our brown Laos tie. The material is really second to none. Enjoy your new statement piece.

The big shorts

Khaki shorts for country wedding attire is a big yes for the hotter months during summer. The great thing about this clothing selection is that the groomsmen won’t mind either when it comes to being more comfortable in shorts on your big day. Coordinate with the bride to see if khaki shorts are going to work with her wedding dress; if she’s planning on wearing a summer dress, casual khaki shorts will pair nicely with her outfit.

Stick to the scene

There’s a whole bunch of choices when dressing for your country wedding but it’s important to consider factors such as the venue, the weather and the landscape. For example, if you’re getting married in a rustic barn venue, you want to match your attire to that venue and have the groomsmen do the same. If the wedding is during the summer months, a shirt and tweed vest will go down wonderfully and if it’s winter, consider a thicker jacket made from wool to keep be practical and smart.

Get Plaid

For weddings with more casual settings, the groom and his groomsmen can dress down in less formal pattern shirts. One of those shirts that screams the best country attire is a plaid shirt that’s buttoned right up to the top (yes the collar button done up too). Pair this with suspenders and blue jeans or even brown slacks to complete the country look.

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