10 Spring Essentials For Your Wardrobe Time to pack up your winter coats and bring on the patterned shorts

Looking at my Gucci it’s about that time! I know snow is still on the ground (not in Cali) and things are looking gray, dark, damp and chilly. But have no fear Monsieur, it’s almost spring again. You’re going to need to re-up on some easy essentials to kick the fun times into gear. Here’s a list of must-haves for the good season:




Always on the hunt for the perfect t-shirt. I personally own at least five of these. Made by B: Scott, this tee is the perfect cotton/rayon blend. It feels like you’re wearing pajamas but it’s really a sleek comfortable everyday t-shirt. Get it here.




Nothing says the sun is back out like this colorful contrasting patchwork/stripe print shirt from well-loved Japanese brand, Commes des Garcons. Get it here.





The Nike Flyknit was the sneaker of 2012. For spring, the brand is introducing the Lunar sole technology to the popular Flyknit series in all new colors. These shoes feel like you’re walking on pillows. If you haven’t gotten a pair yet, these are going down in sneaker history. Get them here.




Unis is one of my favorite brands. This seersucker button down oxford is the perfect every day shirt for spring. Light colored and lightweight. Good for when you want to feel comfortable around the office and then for drinks after work. Get it here.




Shorts! It’s finally time to show those man legs. I’m a big fan of the all-over print short, and Alexander McQueen comes through with the palm tree theme. A good reminder of what you really need to be doing this weekend; relaxing. Get them here.




I know I’ve been talking a lot about the sun, but it’s also rainy season. Get some umbrella swag from the good folks at Rockwell. This one is called the Freedom Umbrella. Probably because these guys are Dutch. Get it here.




More printed fanciness from Commes des Garcons. I call this your party shirt. Wear this for when you’re ready to dive into that swimming pool full of liquor that Kendrick Lamar keeps talking about. Get it here.



So hopefully by now you’re getting into a little bit of trouble this weekend. Don’t forget to pack your bag!  This leather duffel from Mulberry has everybody with an eye on your wallet, so be careful out there in those streets. Get it here.




It’s Sunday night and it’s finally over. You need to curl up and watch Californication and forget all the crazy things you did last night. Sweatpants! Acne never disappoints. Get them here.



The grand finale! Ok it’s Monday and you’re back to work. But don’t get too serious yet – it’s still spring and we’re still taking it easy. Wings and Horns double faced knit blazercomes to the rescue. Get it here.