Okay gentlemen, listen up. Now, we know that there are dozens of different reasons why men dress the way they do, why they make certain sartorial choices, and why they favor certain trends over others. Men that dress stylishly do so for a variety of reasons and to achieve a broad spectrum of goals, be it impressing your boss or looking pulled together on a first date. All of these choices reflect your personal style or emulate the kind of ensemble you think would garner a nod of approval from your peers. Now, we’re not saying that you must dress to please the tastes of others, but wouldn’t it be interesting to know what others actually think about your style? Let’s say, if women, for example, were to tell you exactly what they thought of your sartorial choices?

Well, you’re in luck. Because today, the women in The GentleManual team are here to tell you what we love most when it comes to men’s fashion. We’ve asked a group of women of all ages their opinions on what they find most attractive in a man’s style and combined their input with our own. From footwear to personal grooming, read on to discover our top 10 list of things women find most attractive in men’s style (read: what you should be wearing more of!).

1. Good Taste in Shoes

10 Things Women Find Most Attractive in Men's Style: 1. Good Taste in Shoes

It’s (hopefully) a well-known fact that one of the first things a woman will notice about you is, well, your footwear game. To us ladies, what you choose to put on your feet tells us a dozen things about you before you even mutter a single word. Are you a lazy jobless guy still living in his parents’ basement and shopping at Walmart (socks and sandals), a self-tanning enthusiast who secretly body waxes and wears too-tight jeans (Pumas), or a high-maintenance type who might care more about his hair than he does about yours and still thinks he lives in a fraternity house (suede moccasins)? These are the thoughts that run through our head. Seriously!

The care you take in choosing your footwear directly translates to the care you take in all other situations in life–at least, that’s how we see it. A man who wears Converse All Stars might be laid back, artsy, and fun. A man who sports suede chukkas or knows how to rock a pair of leather double monk strap dress shoes is a man I’ll probably give my number to (given he has a nice personality, of course. But hey, the shoes help).

Above all, we appreciate a man that knows what kind of footwear compliments his personal style, and a man that takes pride in his footwear choices. Invest in classy, good quality footwear and take care of your shoes so they always look new.

Our Favorite Shoes to See on Men Are….

2. Mankles

10 Things Women Find Most Attractive in Men's Style: 2. Mankles

Yeah, a man that knows how to rock his socks is appreciated. But these days, mankles are really growing on us. Back in the day, it was considered “indecent exposure” for a person of either sex to bare an ankle. But now? Thank the stars for Jude Law and everyone else who played a role in making mankles a reality. Be sure to not overdo it, though. The perfect mankle look to us is one in which trousers aren’t too skinny (or too wide) and the cuffs are only rolled up a little.  So gents, if the weather permits it, by all means, feel free to roll up those chinos and sport your favorite shoes sans sock (or at least, with some no-show socks in check). There’s something so effortless and seductive about this casual look. It says “I care about my appearance and this look was carefully planned but I want you to believe it wasn’t.” The Italians call this thought process sprezzatura. We call it sexy. Tomato, to-mah-to.

3. Chinos

10 Things Women Find Most Attractive in Men's Style: 3. Chinos

Chinos are fantastic because they’re versatile, you can wear them to any occasion be it casual or formal, and they can go with practically anything and still look sharp. The perfect pair of chinos, to us, are those that are slightly tapered and rolled up at the hem (Because, you know. Those ankles.). Get them in every color, but be sure to at least have navy, sand, and olive green in your arsenal. Throw them on in place of jeans in any outfit and we’ll certainly be impressed.

4. Henleys

10 Things Women Find Most Attractive in Men's Style: 4. Henleys

Henleys are like a step up from the t-shirt in terms of attraction factor. All it really is is a collarless shirt with a buttoning fly in the front, but in terms of style, we love henleys because they are different. They set you apart from guys that can’t break up with their t-shirts, and yet they’re not dressy, so essentially what you get when you wear a henley is a level of elevated casual that women go crazy for, which is pretty much a win-win situation.

5. White Shirt + Jeans

10 Things Women Find Most Attractive in Men's Style: 5. White T-Shirt + Jeans

It sounds so simple, but really, this combo is an art form. In fact, most of the women we asked, ourselves included, all agree that this look is one of our favorites to see on a man. A nice, fitted shirt that’s not too loose and not too tight is key. And men’s jeans should be an investment piece. Choose a pair of quality denim that is fitted but not too constricting. We love slim and tapered denim on a guy. No baggy, boxer-baring jeans and crumpled oversized t-shirts here.

6. V-Neck Sweaters

10 Things Women Find Most Attractive in Men's Style: 6. V-Neck Sweaters

We love v-neck sweaters on a guy. The v-neck sweater is indicative of studiousness and is worn by men who are put together and who know how to take care of themselves (or at least aim to look like they do). A v-neck sweater is just the right balance between casual and done-up, so wearing one is a safe bet for most occasions, making your job easy! V-neck sweaters come in a variety of colors and patterns, but I have to say a nice solid gray, navy, or olive green is an instant winner. Pair yours with a button-down shirt and a contrasting tie and you’ll be ahead of the game.

7. Button-Up + Rolled Up Sleeves + Skinny Tie

10 Things Women Find Most Attractive in Men's Style: 7. Button-Down Shirt + Rolled-Up Sleeves + Tie

To us, this is the male equivalent of lingerie. A man that knows how to effortlessly sport a clean button-up shirt with perfectly imperfect rolled-up sleeves and a nice tie is gold in our book. Now of course, it’s a wonderful statement when a man can demonstrate his ability to perfectly pair colors, textures, and patterns in his shirt-and-tie combos, but it’s equally (if not more) seductive to see a guy in a simple white button-up and a solid tie kicking a** and taking names. It’s casual enough that you can wear this combination anywhere, but not so casual that you look like a mess. This look is tasteful without trying too hard. A button-up and a tie lends you a sort of “off duty” appearance. “I just got out of a meeting, but I look good.” Yes, you do. You definitely do.

8. A Tailored Suit

10 Things Women Find Most Attractive in Men's Style: 8. A Tailored Suit

A man in a clean, well-fitting suit is a man that commands attention, and trust us, we take notice! However, we say “tailored suit,” not just any old suit. If you are galavanting around in an oversized, straight-off-the-racks suit that doesn’t taper in the right places and doesn’t complement your shape, it isn’t impressive. Anyone can put on a suit. A real man knows how to not only wear a suit, but wear it well. And that means getting it tailored and taking care of it so that it’s in top shape whenever he puts it on. You want to take command of the suit you are wearing, and not let the suit overpower you. For some strange reason–call it a superpower–we usually can tell when a man does not feel comfortable in his suit, in which case we will probably pay attention to the ill-fitting clothes instead of the man wearing them. Own your suit, and we’ll take notice of you–the suit will merely complement your overall countenance.

Another note about suits: know when to wear your suit. Wearing a suit to work is a definite yes. However, wearing a suit on a first date is most likely a solid no (too formal, too stuffy). When worn in the right environment, you will look dapper, powerful, and downright sexy. When worn in the wrong environment, you will just look awkward. It’s confusing, we know, but don’t even get us started on all the secret rules we adhere to when it comes to dressing for you guys.

9. Good Grooming Habits

10 Things Women Find Most Attractive in Men's Style: 9. Good Grooming Habits

There’s so much conflicting information out there regarding what women like in terms of a man’s appearance. Some argue that the lumbersexual look (flannels, rugged appearance, a thick yet well taken care of beard) is most attractive, while others may say that it’s in fact a chiseled, shaven gym buff that’s most drool-worthy.

However, there is evidence that proves that it is neither the beard nor the brawn that gets the girl in the end. Metrosexuality–at least as it stands for one’s outward appearance–is the most attractive aesthetic. It means looking good, and looking like you care about your appearance enough to run a comb through your hair every now and then. We love men that know how to take care of themselves, and who know how to groom themselves well. Clean-shaven, rugged, whatever. So long as you’re well-maintained, we’re A-okay with it. Now, you don’t need to obsess over your appearance (please don’t), but a man who has a signature hairstyle that he has perfected in his morning routine, who has a signature scent, who takes good (or at least decent) care of his clothes, who knows how and when to shave, who doesn’t forget to shower, and who maintains clean fingernails is extremely appreciated–and the effort certainly doesn’t go unnoticed by us.

Long story short: we like to know that you take care of yourself, and that you take pride in looking put together and clean. It means less work for us (Ha!).

10. Tasteful Accessories

10 Things Women Find Most Attractive in Men's Style: 10. Tasteful Accessories

We are big fans of accessories on a man, as long as they’re done well. A nice watch is always a good bet. No, we don’t expect you to be sporting a Rolex, but a tasteful timepiece (Think sleek metals and cool leather or canvas. Avoid rubber or overly bulky varieties. Check out our affordable timepiece picks here.) that isn’t too showy is perfect and suggest that you care about the little details. In terms of other arm candy, we can’t speak for all women but in our personal opinion, if a man wears tasteful, cool, and understated bracelets (i.e. do not overdo it), it’s fine by us. Nice leather bands or double-wrap braided varieties in earthy colors are actually pretty rad, and we are definitely fans of the trend.
Finally, a man that knows how to pair his ties, tie bars, pocket squares, and other accoutrements is a keeper. Accessorize in a tasteful, minimal way that shows off your personal style, and we will go crazy for it.


Last, but certainly not least, we really just love men who are comfortable and confident. Who know and have a signature style and roll with it. Who know how to look great without trying too hard. Who know how to have fun with their style and not take themselves too seriously. If you’re having fun and you feel good, it certainly shows.

And there you have it. 10 things that we absolutely love when it comes to your style. We hope you enjoyed this little sneak peak into the mind of a woman (and be grateful! Because most of the time, we’ll never tell you what we’re thinking). Stay classy, gentlemen!


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