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Pi Day: 16 Nerdy Accessories to Celebrate 3.14 in Style It'd be irrational not to dress up for Pi Day

If you’re a math nerd, no day of the year gets you more excited than Pi Day. Every year on March 14th (3/14), nerds unite to celebrate their love for the famous irrational number (3.14). We’ve gathered some of our favorite geeky neckties and accessories to help you look your best on this nerdy holiday.

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1. Pi To The 50th Decimal Tie & Pi Tie by, $25 & $16

Pi Day: Pi Ties

Pi Black Tie

A black microfiber tie with the Pi symbol repeated over and over again. We tried to count how many Pis there were but that number was impossible to reach.

3.1415926… How many decimal points of pi do you know? Impress all your friends by reciting up to the fiftieth digit with the help of this tie. Who knows, you might even learn an additional seven digits: the phone number of that special lady friend. Find them here.

Pi Day: Pi Cufflinks

Wear your love for this nerdy number right on your sleeve. These classy cufflinks are a subtle way to show off your spirit on this mathematical holiday. Keep your look calculated with these beauts here.

3. Sterling Silver Pi Tie Clip by Zaunick, $140

Pi Day: Pi Tie Bar

This tie clip is for the math nerds who have a big brain and a big wallet. It may be pricey, but if your love for fashion is like pi (never ending), you won’t mind splurging on this sterling silver tie clip. Get it here.

4. Geometry Tie by, $25

Pi Day: Geometry Tie

Geometry Red Tie

This great microfiber tie features geometry equations in white, and black geometric shapes on a deep red background. This tie is perfect for any math whiz or teacher!

For the mathematician who knows the true power of a great equation, this Geometry Tie will keep them close at hand in case you’re ever in need. Buy it here.

Pi Day : Geometry Cufflinks

Your affinity for precision and accuracy will surely shine through with this accessory adorning your sleeve. Make your mark with these awesome geometry cufflinks here.

6. Einstein Necktie by Scatterbrain Ties, $28

Pi Day: Einstein Ties

You don’t need to be a genius to rock this tie. Even if you don’t quite understand Einstein’s theories, you’ll at least look smart when wearing this. Get your brainy duds here.

7. Periodic Table of Elements Ties by

Pi Day: Periodic Table of Elements Ties

Periodic Table Blue Skinny Tie

A periodic table tie is a staple for any chemist’s wardrobe. This skinny colorful version might also come in handy for those still learning their element as they can wear it to be stylishly prepared for their next experiment.

Are you made of fluorine, iodine, and neon? Because you’ll be looking “F-I-Ne” with these periodic table of elements ties. For a sleeker, muted look, the Black Periodic Table Tie should fit the bill. However, if bold is what you aim for, the Blue Skinny Periodic Table Tie or the Red Elements Tie are great options that will make you stand out from the crowd. Whatever one you choose, you’ll never be lacking chemistry with these ties.

8. DNA Molecule Tie by Absolute Ties, $13

Pi Day: DNA Tie

Deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA, that spiral thingie. No matter what you call it, it’s essential to your genetic makeup. Perfect for science geeks, this tie is sure to capture the attention of all those who appreciate a good DNA design! Show off your gifted genes here.

9. Motherboard II Tie by, $19

Pi Day: Motherboard Tie

Motherboard Ii Green Tie

Get in touch with your inner geek this season with a brand new necktie! Introducing the latest line of Wild Ties, the Motherboard II has just been reloaded and is complete with sockets and memory chips for your ultimate nerd pleasure.

Who here has ever took apart their computer just to see if they could reassemble it? More than once? If you answered yes, this tie is perfect for you. Share your masterful knowledge of the motherboard by donning this design. Treat yourself to this techie tie here.

10. Business Class USB Necktie by Dialog05 (prototype)

Pi Day: USB tie

This dual-purpose neckwear is perfect for nerds on the go. It’s easy to stay connected with this tie that comes attached with a USB! Although it’s currently not for sale, it’s nice to imagine a perfect world where you can store all of your sacred files and look fashionable at the same time.

Pi Day: Robot Cufflinks

It’s the age-old question: Mac or PC, Apple or Samsung, iOS or Android? For the Android fanatics, sport the green robot logo on your cuffs and show the iOS lovers who’s boss! Show your allegiance to Android here.

12. LED Tetris Tie Prototype by Bill Porter (Not for Sale)

For all those tech savvy geeks out there, check out this LED Tetris Tie. It has a built in system that plays tetris by itself! Though it is still in the making, this innovative tie is quite the dazzling accessory. Check out updates on this awesome invention here.

13. 8-bit Tie by ThinkGeek, $20

Pi Day: 8-bit Tie from Think Geek

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a character in your favorite video game, this tie can be a start. Now if we could only figure out a way to cross over into the 8-bit world through our screens… Get pixelated here.

14. Space Invaders Video Game Bow Tie by Josh Bach, $42

Pi Day: Space Invaders Bow Tie

With this handsome Space Invaders Video Game Bow Tie,  you’ll flashback to the days when you would run to the arcade with your pockets full of quarters, ready to beat your best friend’s high score. This bow tie features an understated design that over the top, but still geeky enough to show your love for the game. Get tied up in an old-school classic here.

15. Mario-Inspired Necktie by Josh Bach, $49

Pi Day: Super Mario Tie

Remember the days when saving Princess Peach from Bowser was life’s largest worry? Mario might be a character from your childhood, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reminisce with some great neckwear. Show some old-school gamer pride with this retro, pixelated Mario-Inspired Necktie.

Pi Day: Lightsaber Tie Bar

Scared to sport a tie bar you are? Cross over to the dark side with this Darth Maul Lightsaber Tie Bar. In the words of the fearless Sith assassin, “Fear. Fear is my ally.” Overcome your fear and show your fandom with the help of this awesome tie bar here.

Pi Day is a holiday where nerds are king. Show your pride for this brainy day with these great accessories. Which will you be wearing on 3.14?

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