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22 Influencers Tell Us How Dressing Better Changed Their Life The biggest change? Their confidence.

There’s no doubt about it—dressing well is a very important part of being a gentleman. In line with this, we always strive to provide you with guides and tips to help you refine your personal style. More and more men are beginning to realize the importance of their appearance. You’ve noticed it. Hell, you’re likely part of this revolution. This is due in part to the realization that one’s image is very causal, meaning that a lot happens when you start to dress better and it doesn’t end with the superficial. So, just how can dressing better change your life? We asked the folks from our Style Guru Society to weigh in and and inspire you to step up your style game.

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Carl Murawski, New England Style Consulting

how dressing better can change your life carl

“Dressing well makes me feel put together, and this extends to all aspects of my day and thus improves my professional, personal, and family life. It’s been proven that the act of smiling makes you feel happier; the same is true for dressing as a successful person.”

Diego Leon, Dandy in the Bronx

how dressing better can change your life diego-leon

“It gives me the confidence I need, even on days when I feel down.”

Ryan Rosenkilde, Brick and Vine

how dressing better can change your life brick and vine

“It makes me feel like I can take on anything and I attribute a huge part of my success to dressing well. It gives me the confidence to get out there and kick some butt no matter what I’m doing.”

Matt Hartman, Runnineverlong

how dressing better can change your life matt hartman

“When you dress nice you feel awesome and get a lot of compliments. You also have to be aware that dressing nice does cause additional glances and conversations but this is where your confidence and personality are brought out in a discussion. Men dressing nice is unfortunately not ‘normal’ and I like being a trendsetter in changing that perspective.”

Taylor Camp, The Tie Guy

how dressing better can change your life taylor camp

“Dressing better has changed my life by connecting myself with other inspiring individuals and by providing me with experiences I’ll never forget.”

Rick Reyes, The Wing Tip

how dressing better can change your life rick reyes

“I get carded less frequently–haha. True story.”

Christian Forbes, GasketRaynes

how dressing better can change your life christian forbes

“In the X-Men a lot of the characters had powers that were dormant until something life-changing happened. Then, and only then, their powers would awaken. My confidence has been dormant for a long time. Dressing better has awakened it!”

Jake Palmer, Oxford and Henley

how dressing better can change your life jake

“Dressing better has elevated my perceived knowledge at work. Coworkers want to ask for my opinion more often and rely on that information to make their own decisions.”

Jason Trinsey, Oxford & Henley

how dressing better can change your life jason

“Dressing better has made me more daring, because the worst thing you can do in life is play it safe. You might miss something.”

Gurj Sohanpal, Singh Gentry

how dressing better can change your life gurj

“Dressing well is the foundation of going from a boy to a gentleman. My clothes are a reflection of the person I am, and they tell a story about me without even having to open my mouth.”

Juan de la Rosa, The Dapper Juan

how dressing better can change your life juan

“Dressing well has opened up a lot of doors for me recently. People take you more seriously and know that if you put as much effort as you do into dressing well then you will do the same any most other aspects of your life.”

DJ Hargrave, Tailor Made Style

how dressing better can change your life DJ

“I have something to look forward to every single day since I started dressing better. Every day brings a new experience or a new person to meet, and an outfit is just as much a part of your daily experience as anything else – I still put on outfits that bring back memories.”

Steve Nuñez, The Social Cut

how dressing better can change your life steve nuñez

“The clothes you wear and the way you groom yourself will change the way other people hear what you say. I’ve noticed when I dress better people take me more seriously and that increases the value of what I have to say.”

Bilal Malik, Mr_BilalMalik

how dressing better can change your life bilal

“For me, dressing well has been a way of life as far as I can remember. Dressing well isn’t just a confidence booster, it’s a personal choice—a lifestyle that helps like-minded people come together whether it be through social media or in-person. I have met, befriended, and become acquaintances with so many people just because of the way I dress. There is an old saying that one should “dress for the job that they want and not the job that they have” and another one that says that the “first impression is the last impression.” Dressing well addresses both and can help one achieve success in the personal and professional world.”

Sunny Murthy, The Well Dressed Student

how dressing better can change your life sunny

“It’s opened the door to so many amazing opportunities for me. I’m able to inspire young kids to want to dress like me and act like a gentleman. Dressing well has changed my life because it has given me an opportunity to positively impact people on a large scale. Together we can change the world.”

Dennis Carvajal, Denis Styles

how dressing better can change your life dennis

“It made me live a better and healthier life–I’m not getting caught up in bad habits, I have more discipline, I’m respected as a gentleman, and I’m more respectful myself. This is very important when it comes to first impressions—how you are viewed before having to even say a word.”

Giovani Serna, The Dapper Apprentice

how dressing better can change your life gio

“Dressing better brings out the best in me. I do better at work/school, I’m a better boyfriend (now fiancé), and it helps me grow as a person. Shoot, it even helps me stay in shape! It’s just one of the few things in this world that has that kind of had a direct effect on me. That’s why I dress ‘better’ all the time.”

David Thande

how dressing better can change your life thande

“Often when I was younger, I applied for jobs that sometimes required someone more experienced. I noticed that in interviews the more effort I made in my appearances, the more it not only gave me the confidence to answer the questions, but also left an impression in the interviewer’s mind–be it a colorful pocket square, lapel pin, socks, whatever (I’d even made sure to take care in showing the lining of my coat). And although I might have not had the experience of the other applicants, they remembered me because of what I was wearing.”

Steve Macias, Steveothreads

how dressing better can change your life steve macias

“Dressing better has changed my life in many ways. When one dresses better it’s natural for people to see you as a person that has respect for himself as well as someone who takes pride in the things that he does. There’s a great saying that says ‘Dress how you want to be addressed’ and it holds very true. I like to address people with respect and expect it in return. Who wouldn’t? Whether it be a night out on the town or a job interview, dressing better has provided a positive impact in my life.”

The Amateur Professional

how dressing better can change your life amateur pro

“Dressing better has helped immeasurably in my career. People will often gravitate to those whose look suggests success.”

Ryan Fisico, Let’s Get Fisico

how dressing better can change your life ryan fisico

“Dressing better gave me proof that image can change the way others look at and treat you.”

Mark Asuncion, Deathbefore.Decaf 


“Dressing better has allowed me to meet so many new people. I felt that by cleaning up my appearance, people would take me more seriously in school, business, etc., especially because of how young I was when I first started getting into fashion.”

Stepping up your personal style isn’t merely about having a better fashion sense, it is about touching and improving upon many more aspects of your life. The Style Guru Society represents and reaffirms this paradigm consistently. The idea is simple–dress better, feel better, do better. Embrace it, gentlemen. You’ll be better for it. Take ours and the Gurus’ word for it.

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