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4 Summer Grooming Issues (And How to Solve Them) From sunburns to sweat, we've got you covered

Even when we leave our school days behind, summer still seems to be everyone’s favorite season. The weather’s warmer, the days are longer, and we’re all just a little bit more relaxed. But harsher temperatures and sun exposure can lead to serious grooming issues you don’t face year round. Be sure to take some extra steps to ensure you look and feel your best during these warm summer months. This guide covers the problems that plague you from head to toe, so trust us when we say we’ve got you covered. 

How to Deal With: Sunburns

Summer Grooming Issues

There’s nothing worse than being the guy everyone winces at when you return to the office after a weekend at the beach. Whether you fell asleep in the sun or were too busy killing it at beach volleyball to reapply, severe sunburns happen more quickly than we realize.


This one’s pretty obvious, but not enough of us commit to the task. The first way to prevent a sunburn is choosing a sunscreen with a high enough SPF. SPF 15 is appropriate for everyday wear, but if you’re planning on being in the sun for an elongated period of time, you should be wearing at least SPF 30. We personally recommend something in the 30 – 50 range to ensure maximum protection. Don’t get overconfident with your SPF number either. Just because you’re wearing SPF 100 doesn’t mean you can go twice as long in the sun as someone wearing SPF 50. Application is the other key component in keeping a sunburn at bay. Apply it liberally and often (every 2 hours if you’re just in the sun and every 80 minutes if you’ve been in the water).


Sure, Banana Boat will do just fine. However, our alternative recommendation takes it up a notch. It’s water resistant and perfect for a full day at the beach. This product from Jack Black will keep you safe from the sun’s rays and the rub-in formula prevents the uncomfortable sticky feeling you get from the spray-on variety.


So it’s too late for you and you’re already the office lobster. While you’re swearing up and down you’ll never forget to apply sunscreen again, we’ve got a few pain remedies as well. To avoid peeling and to soothe your skin, try applying an aloe vera solution as soon as possible to the burned area. OTC medication, like Advil and Aleve, can also take away the pain of a particularly nasty sunburn. Some more creative solutions include using boiled and mashed potatoes as a dressing to draw out heat and soothe skin. You could also try a cornstarch paste for a similar effect with less effort.

How to Deal With: Break Outs

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Heavy product + more heat = A recipe for disaster. The pomade for your hair and post-shower lotion are great for locking in moisture in the winter. Those same products can be way too heavy when summer comes around. You may find yourself breaking out, particularly around your hairline, shoulders, and chest as a result.


Our first piece of advice for keeping breakouts at bay is to step up your shower schedule. Even if you’re a morning shower kind of guy, you should really be hopping into the shower at the end of every day. This will keep your skin clear and wash away any sweat that may clog your pores. It’s also especially important to be showering after you’ve worked out during these hot and humid months. Also try switching up your product regime, whether that means using less or a different product altogether. What you use to lock moisture in during the cold and windy winter may be too heavy from June to August.


To keep breakouts to a minimum, especially on your face and hairline, we recommend a lighter formula for your hair products that won’t weigh your skin down or clog your pores. Try a powder formula instead of a mousse or pomade. The lighter nature of the ingredients will stop breakouts from occurring, and also won’t melt throughout the day. American Crew’s Boost Powder does the job nicely, adding volume with a matte finish.


If you’re already breaking out like a teen, taking a few counteractive steps can go a long way. Evaluate your current grooming routine and see what you can eliminate to keep skin clear. If your problems point to your product, make a switch. Medicated wipes that have salicylic acid can also go a long way in clearing up existing breakouts.

How to Deal With: Sweating

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Gentlemen, this isn’t the 4th grade, and deodorant isn’t optional. While we trust that most of you are firmly behind us on that, the heat of summer may require you to step up your protection. And while your armpits may be your first point of concern, there’s a whole lot of other places that can suffer from the summer sweats.


The easiest way to prevent extra sweating is switching to a higher strength antiperspirant, whether by prescription or over the counter. A different formula, such as a spray on, may also make a difference in the summer. Although most of us apply our deodorant in the morning before starting our day, the best time to apply deodorant is at night. This gives the active ingredients a chance to sink into the sweat ducts while sweat production is at its lowest. Don’t be shy about using antiperspirant any place you think may benefit from a little extra protection, save for your most sensitive skin.


Our pick both smells great and looks great. This antiperspirant deodorant has an effective formula, with a smell that isn’t at all overpowering. It’s packing is also small and subtle enough to easily throw in your work or gym bag so you’re never without it.


If you’re wondering which of your coworkers is smelling a little ripe only to realize it’s you, you’ve got to take action fast. Odor tends to cling to fabric better than anything else, so during the summer in particular, consider leaving an extra undershirt and button up at your office so you have a midday change if you need it. You could also try switching up the fabric of your undershirt, going with a rayon or tencel fabric, both of which are great for staying dry.

How to Deal With: Foot Odor

Food Odor Resize

The final grooming faux pas we’ll be addressing is foot odor. Your feet literally carry the team, and when they’re stuck in sweaty shoes all day, things can get a little rough. Follow these tips and you won’t be self-conscious when your shoes come off.


With literally a few seconds in the morning, you can keep your feet dry and odor free all day. With ankle-baring shoes like boat shoes or low top sneakers it can be tempting to go sockless. However, slipping on some no-show socks in cotton or wool can make a huge difference in preventing odor.


Gold Bond has been around since 1908, and there’s a reason for it. Their tried and true powder can be applied throughout the day to keep things fresh. However please apply it in the privacy of your own home or the gym locker room. Your whole office doesn’t need to see your feet.


Usually the reason odors is lingering is because it’s trapped in the fabric of your shoes. You can also lightly line your shoes with some baking soda or whole cloves overnight to absorb any odor. This reset, plus our preventative tips, should do the trick.



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