Wardrobe Checklist: 3 Shoes Every Man Should Own Be prepared for work, after-hours, the great outdoors and everywhere in between.

Maybe you find yourself asking, “How many shoes does do I really need?” You need shoes that will get you from work to after-hours drinks, but also something to wear at the beach or on a crisp morning hike. One pair is obviously not going to cut it. And twelve pairs might be going a bit overboard, especially if you choose your footwear wisely. We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled our list of three essential shoe styles every man should own — so kick your feet up and read on.

1. A Pair of Oxfords or Derbys

5 Shoes Every Man Must Have: oxfords

A pair of black or brown dress shoes is the quintessential shoe in every gentleman’s closet. Whether you’ve got a formal event or just a guy’s night out, a pair of Oxfords or derbys always fit the bill.Which color you choose depends on what color suits you own. For example, navy suits tend to look great with either black or brown shoes, while a black suit generally looks best with black shoes.

If you only have one pair, we recommend choosing a pair with classic detailing, leather soles, and a classic round toe box. Pair them along with eye-catching socks, and a tailored ensesemble and you simply can’t go wrong.

Don’t know the difference between Oxfords and derbys? Learn more here.

2. A Pair of Casual Sneakers

5 Shoes Every Man Must Have: Sneakers

Now that you’ve got your formal footwear covered, let’s get causal. Not every occasion calls for brogues but with careful consideration, sneakers can look just as dapper. Some can even look great with a suit for a casual-formal twist. We’re big fans of white sneakers around here and we’re also evangelists for the no-show sock. Let those ankles breathe once in a while, especially when you’re wearing shorts. Plus, believe it or not, many women go crazy for mankles.

3. A Pair of Running / Athletic Shoes

5 Shoes Every Man Must Have: athletic shoes

Whether or not you hit the gym 5 times a week, you need to own a pair of comfortable, dependable running shoes. Athletic shoes are a necessity for weekend hikes, a quick run around the block or doing yard work. Consider these your take action, get messy footwear. So choose a pair that isn’t going to show grime or wear-and-tear easily — because when you’re using them right, they are definitely going to get dirty.

We don’t recommend wearing Running shoes casually in public unless you have a damn good excuse. Yes, we know they are comfortable — but wearing your Jordans out to a nice dinner is one step removed from wearing sweatpants to the grocery store. It’s not a good look.


A Pair of Boots

5 Shoes Every Man Must Have: dress boots

Though a great pair of boots is a year-round staple, during fall and winter they become your best friend. Dress boots are the best of both worlds with elements from both Oxfords and Chukkas, offering class and a bit more protection from the elements. But if you plan on blazing your own trail, a pair with rubber soles will give you the freedom you need to clomp around without too much worry about damaging your kicks beyond repair.

A Pair of Chukkas or Desert Boots

5 Shoes Every Man Must Have: Chukkas

Known for their incredible versatility, chukkas are the epitome of business casual. Pair these up with a nice pair of chinos or your favorite pair of jeans. Get them in brown, black, tan or blue suede and you’ll be able to wear them in just about any situation that doesn’t involve a workout tee and a protein shake.

Do you agree or disagree? What are your shoe essentials? Let us know in the comments