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7 Practical Graduation Gifts Make the real world a little less scary

Graduating from college is one of the biggest transitions a guy makes in his lifetime. He’s finishing school, starting his career, and officially becoming an adult. The soon-to-be-grad in your life has been putting in work for years, so it’s time for him to celebrate and be celebrated. Whether he’s your cousin, brother, or best friend, our gift ideas are thoughtful choices for any young man who’s about to enter the real world. Practical gifts like these will make his transition into adulthood just a little easier no matter his post-grad plans.

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A Structured Bag


Our pick: Brown Leather Look Holdall – Topman, $95

Whether he already has a job lined up or he’s planning to travel after he graduates, a structured bag will quickly become a staple in his adult life. A sleek leather carry-all fits his essentials and is appropriate for whatever adventures he has in store.

A Cookbook


Our pick: Man Meets Stove Amazon, $14

Now that he’s out of college, he shouldn’t have to live on TV dinners and instant noodles. With a cookbook full of simple and delicious recipes, he’ll always be able to eat something good no matter how lazy he’s feeling.

A GoPro


Our pick: GoPro HERO3 – Amazon, $190

A small, take-anywhere camera like a GoPro is perfect for the soon-to-be-grad with an adventurous spirit. He’ll be able to capture the memories of all his graduation festivities, both on land and underwater.

A Monogrammed Notebook


Our pick: Writers Log Large Leather Notebook – Rustico, $35

Monogrammed desk accessories add flair and polish to both his home and his workplace. A nice notebook is perfect for making To-Do lists, jotting down daily musings, and taking with him wherever he goes.

Novelty Home Decor


Our pick: Key Target – Areaware, $65

The way that he decorates his post-grad apartment says a lot about him. Piles of laundry in the corner says that he’s a slob, while novelty home decor pieces say that he’s interesting. Extra points if the piece is practical, like this key target. It’s magnetic and fun, so he’ll never lose his keys again.

Leather Wallet


Our pick: Status Anxiety Alfred Wallet – Urban Outfitters, $69

Gone are the days when he could get away with using a canvas wallet with a velcro closure. Grown men need leather wallets. Trust us, he’ll feel instantly more refined and he’ll be sure to impress his future dates.

A Watch


Our pick: Expedition Scout Chrono Watch – Timex, $72

Sticking with the theme of sleek accessories, we think that every successful man needs a watch. A timepiece with a sophisticated leather strap ensures that he’ll be on time to that important meeting or that interview for his dream job, all while looking like he has his life together.

Whether he’s starting off his adult life with the adventure of a lifetime, the career of his dreams, or some downtime at home, he deserves a thoughtful present that will help him adjust to life after school. With items that fit his lifestyle and make him feel like a grown man, he’ll be prepared for the world of adulthood no matter what’s next.

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