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7 Ways to Dress for Transitional Weather These tips will help you get through the days when you're not quite sure what the weather will be

The weeks between changing seasons can be a little tricky when it comes to figuring out how to dress. We come to love the weather we’re in, but before we know it, the weather starts to change, and we’re forced to adapt what we wear accordingly. Do we really have to put away those shorts we’ve been wearing for the past three months? Or can we hold on to them a little longer? Those tricky weeks in between seasons can pose an interesting challenge when it comes to what to wear, but it gives us an opportunity to mix and match two seasons together. Sweater with shorts? Sure. Cardigan with flip-flops? Hmm, maybe not that, but you get the point!

It’s always hard to gauge what to wear when the weather’s in limbo. Is it time to wear that leather jacket you have yet, or would that be too much? If the weather forecast says that it’ll be ridiculously cold in the morning but sweltering by lunchtime, how does one cope?

Follow these tips and tricks, and you’ll nail transitional weather style in no time:

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1. Layer Up

7 Ways to Master Dressing for Transitional Weather

The best part about layering is that you get the best of both worlds when it comes to wearing your favorite items. Feeling like rocking your favorite t-shirt today? No problem. You just may have to throw a sweater or jacket on over it. No big deal. You get to mix and match all your best clothes when the weather’s weird, and the guessing game is kind of fun.

2. Play with Your Summer and Winter Clothes

7 Ways to Master Dressing for Transitional Weather


Lacoste Men’s Concours Driving Style Loafer

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Just because the weather is changing doesn’t mean you need to run out and buy a whole new wardrobe. Well, at least, not yet. Look at your closet and piece clothes from different seasons together. You’d be surprised how many things might pair nicely with that leather jacket you’ve been waiting all year to wear again.

3. Mix Prints

7 Ways to Master Dressing for Transitional Weather

Switch it up and have fun with patterns. Different prints and patterns can really make a look and they’re always fun to try out once in awhile, so why not now?

4. Wear Colors That Aren’t in Season

7 Ways to Master Dressing for Transitional Weather

Sperry Men’s Authentic Original 2-Eye Boat Shoe

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Just because fall is around the corner doesn’t mean you need to put away colors just yet. Judge it by the weather, if it’s still warm out, feel free to rock your light blue chinos. Just because it may technically be fall on the calendar, it does not mean that you immediately need to forego all of your lighter-colored duds in favor of all things dark. 

5. Bring Out the Boots
7 Ways to Master Dressing for Transitional Weather


EVER BOOTS”Tank” Men’s Soft Toe Oil Full Grain Leather Work Boots Construction Rubber Sole

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Boots make any man look instantly more dressed up. Throw on boots with just about anything, and you’ll be ready for any occasion, be it work or that first date you’ve been worrying about. Plus, boots are hardcore and can withstand almost anything that the fickle weather may throw at you.

6. Mix Textures
7 Ways to Master Dressing for Transitional Weather


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Don’t be afraid to mix different textures and fabrics together. Who knows? You could end up making a statement.

7. Accessorize
7 Ways to Master Dressing for Transitional Weather

Accessories will be a man’s best friend when the weather’s a little funky. Maybe consider keeping a scarf or an umbrella in your car. You never know when the weather will turn on you, and you’ll be happy you have them with you, just in case.

Forget about how sly the weather can be and embrace the new season that’s about to come your way. Focus on what you feel like wearing, and try something new. Who knows, you might even like it.

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