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8 Bomber Jackets Fit for Spring Wear them while you're waiting for the ground to thaw

Spring is just about upon us, folks. As the seasons transition, clouds might start giving way to sunny days, but the cold will still lurk for a while. However, we think that’s a good thing. 

It means we have a chance to continue layering for at least a couple more months. Cue the bomber jacket.

The bomber, or “flight” jacket, was initially designed for pilots during World War I.

Airplanes at the time did not have enclosed cockpits, so pilots needed heavy protection from the elements.

Because of this, the initial version of a bomber jacket was made of thick leather, lined with fur, and featured snug grips at the cuffs, neck, and waist.

Obviously, though, over time airplane technology evolved, closed cockpits became the standard, and garment technology evolved along with it.

Pilots no longer needed a heavy leather jacket. Instead, they needed something that would work across all types of weather, and simultaneously give them the freedom and mobility they needed in the now-tighter cockpits.

The updated version of the flight jacket abandoned straps, leather, and fur lining. In place of leather, nylon was used.

This made it so the jacket would insulate in cold weather when the zipper was closed, but allowed it to be wearable in warmer conditions when the zipper was open.

Thus, it became the perfect year-round jacket. Civilians took note of this, and it became the wardrobe staple that it is today. 

This jacket isn’t only extremely functional, it also looks ridiculously cool (have you all seen Top Gun?).

With function and style in mind, we’ve compiled a list of bomber jackets fit for the season ahead.

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L-2B Scout Bomber Jacket, Alpha Industries

L-2B Scout Bomber Jacket by Alpha Industries
L-2B Scout Bomber Jacket

Alpha Industries Men’s L-2B Dragonfly Blood Chit Flight Jacket

  • 100% Lightweight Matte Nylon
  • Slim Fit
  • Shell: 100% Nylon; Lining: 100% Nylon

Alpha Industries makes one of the most coveted bomber jackets out there. Their design is based right off of the 1950’s U.S Air Force flight jacket. 

They should know, it’s their design! Th jacket is made of a light nylon and manufactured right here in the USA.

Navy Bomber Jacket, Banana Republic

Navy Bomber Jacket by Banana Republic
Navy Bomber Jacket

Banana Republic took the original bomber jacket, replaced the leather, and added snap closures.

The color and styling of this jacket make it a classic transitional piece, so you can take it from the office to dinner with ease.

Black Cotton Bomber Jacket, TOPMAN

Black Cotton Bomber Jacket by Topman
Black Cotton Bomber Jacket

Dockers Men’s Coated Cotton Diamond Quilted Jacket

  • 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester
  • Stand collar open bottom diamond quilted jacket
  • Lightly waxed cotton shell fabric that is water resistant and machine washable

This is the most minimalistic of the bunch. It features welt pockets in place of flaps and foregoes the arm zipper.

Its simple design makes it easy to throw over basically any outfit for easy style points.

Canvas Bomber Jacket, GAP

Canvas Bomber Jacket by GAP
Canvas Bomber Jacket

The cotton canvas on this piece makes for a rugged and worn look.

Pair this up with your favorite pair of jeans and a nice v-neck for a no fuss ensemble.

Hype MA1 Bomber Jacket, Asos

Hype MA1 Bomber Jacket by Asos
Hype MA1 Bomber Jacket

sandbank Men’s Slim Fit Lightweight Softshell Flight Bomber Jacket Coat

  • Stylish design
  • light weigh
  • slim pattern
  • Fashionable collection for adult male or teenager boys.

If you’re looking to add a pop of color, this is the bomber for you.

As a bonus, the jacket comes complete withquilted lining, so it offers added insulation.

Bomber Style Jacket, Zara

Bomber Style Jacket by Zara
Bomber Style Jacket by Zara

Another minimalistic take on the bomber jacket.

Given the color, your outfit options are more limited, but it will make for very unique color combinations. Just make sure not to spill on it!

Suede Bomber Jacket, CPO

Suede Bomber Jacket
Suede Bomber Jacket

REED Men’s Baseball Suede Leather Jacket (Imported)

  • Suede,Leather,Satin
  • Baseball Suede Leather Jacket
  • Soft Supple Touch

This one is for cold days without rain… unless you don’t mind getting suede wet (and you should mind!).

This combination of unique fabric and color will surely make you stand out from a crowd.

Navy G-1 Leather Flight Bomber, Landing Leathers

Navy G-1 Leather Flight Bomber Jacket
Navy G-1 Leather Jacket

Landing Leathers Men Navy G-1 Leather Flight Bomber Jacket (Regular and Big & Tall)

  • Imprinted WWII U.S. flag lining
  • Insulated with polyester fill
  • Fully lined for your comfort

You won’t want to take this one out unless it’s freezing out, but we couldn’t disregard the original jacket.

This is the jacket that all bomber jackets are based on. Will it work with your outfit? It’s too cool not to.

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