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9 New Wedding Trends To Watch For In 2020

There’s plenty to take into account when planning your dream wedding. You want to make guests feel as comfortable as possible while having a stylish and elegant wedding. Between choosing the right tuxedo and which Wagyu sliders should be served, there’s also a need to take themes and trends into account for your big day. 

To save you a lot of time, effort and hopefully your patience; we’ve put together 10 wedding trends to watch out for in 2020. Feel free to pick and choose between the wedding trends that resonate with you the most.

1. Sustainability is sexy

Taking care of the environment and reducing our carbon footprint is a responsibility that all humans should take into account. Being eco-friendly should be a lifestyle and not a trend but we’re still happy that it’s stepping into the spotlight. 

With the environment at the forefront of planning a wedding, it gives couples an ability to reduce their carbon footprint. A large scale wedding will involve large tents, portable kitchens for the caterers, bringing in supplies from other cities and countries and a lot of plastic use. These items all have a detrimental effect on the environment and can be drastically reduced to improve their impact on the environment. 

Being conscientious about the environment when planning your wedding doesn’t have to cost you more, in fact, it can reduce your costs. Recycled florals are the latest thing; it’s not like throwing a bouquet into the crowd but more like flowers that are reused and repurposed to be less wasteful.

2. Witchy vibes  

Witches are totally in and they’re not going anywhere for a long time. Spirituality has made a big impact on the world in the last few years, from crystals to tarot cards and astrology. Wedding ceremonies are starting to incorporate esoteric elements into the entire wedding aesthetic by having a tarot reader or palm reader at the wedding for guests. 

One of the biggest decorating trends for 2020 is to include chunky pieces of crystals like rose quartz into the wedding aesthetic. Also, consider a vow exchange that’s infused by spiritual practices and spreading good vibes. 

3. All about video

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you’ll know that it’s all about video. Everyone from social media influencers to cursing entrepreneurs like Gary Vaynerchuk will highlight the wonders of video content. 

A videographer at your wedding is considered just as important as a photographer and it helps to capture moments that pictures can’t. If you’re looking to push the envelope with a wedding video, consider hiring a videographer that has a drone to capture your special day. That way, they can go above and beyond with viewpoints like no other. 

4. Go bold with color

There are several factors that will influence the colors used at your wedding and the time of year is one of them. The usual color palettes for weddings are blush and neutrals but in wedding trends 2020, we’re seeing pops of color and vibrancy like no other. 

It’s all about being bold with color in 2020, not dabbing and sprinkling a little color here and there. Drop your favorite color into unusual places like the glassware and chairs to surprise and delight guests.

5. Be extra

Be extra

Boring suits and “play it safe” ties are being put on the back burner in 2020. It’s time to go big or go home when it comes to planning your wedding in style. Go for a special skinny tie or even a pair of shoes that scream more money than sense.

This trend is about taking fashion risks and coming out on top. We’re talking bright colors, super fitted suits, burnished double monk shoes, top hats and even a cane if you’re into it. The sky’s the limit with how extra you want to be and we fully support it. 

6. Luxurious liquor bars

We all know the classics for beers, wines and spirits but if you’re passionate about a Macallan 25 or big on Belvedere, it’s time to treat your guests to the good stuff. 

Create a specialty liquor bar that serves all of your favorites and some. Guests can roll up to the bar and get themselves an espresso martini or a perfectly blended Margherita. This trend is about indulging your guests with your favorite liquors.

7. Double-breasted everything

It’s time to go all Colin Firth in Kingsman: The Secret Service by sporting either a double-breasted suit or waistcoat. Taking the center stage for 2020 is bold double-breasted waistcoats with check patterns. This wedding trend for men is a great one to add if you’re the groom or a groomsman. The added visibility of a bold check under the dark-colored suit or tux jacket gives an extra edge at the wedding.

8. Living the dream photobooths 

You may have been to a wedding with a photo booth that has huge sunglasses and silly hats but now it’s time for high-style photobooths to take over. In 2020, you can expect luxury style portrait sessions that are curated by a team of skilled professionals to replace the classic style photo booths. 

Providing your guests with more of a curated and stylized photo booth experience can be considerably costly. Work in conjunction with your wedding planner and photograph to see what you can do for your guests to give them IG worthy shots. It’s important to note that; your guests may not be able to get their images straight away but the end result will be well worth it. 

9. Have a destination wedding

Have a destination wedding

Having your wedding abroad is no new thing but in 2020, we’re seeing a surge in popularity for a far and away style wedding. Some of the top places to get married are Italy, Hawaii and the Carribean is always a good choice. 

When choosing a dream destination to get married in, you can combine your wedding and honeymoon into one. If you’re implementing the skills of a wedding planner, choose them wisely and make sure they have experience planning destination weddings and events. The last thing you want is to find out there isn’t enough local shrimp on your wedding day.

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