The Perfect Shave Kit from EVOLUTIONMAN The average man spends more than 60 hours a year shaving. Why not do it in style?

EvolutionMan Perfect Shave Kit

The average man spends more than 60 hours a year shaving, so any product claiming to make pruning your facial fur more enjoyable and efficient is worth investigation.

EVOLUTIONMAN touts its Perfect Shave Kit as “…man’s secret weapon for maintaining soft, smooth and nourished skin after every shave.” We put that bold claim to the test.

The first thing to note is the striking matte black packaging and minimalist branding which creates a striking contrast to the white marble and porcelain of most bathroom decor. It’s a handsome addition to any man’s shaving paraphernalia and definitely worthy of public display.

Cleanse & Shave

  • Mild manly scent
  • Does not lather as much as shaving gels and creams but does produce a very close and comfortable shave
  • The more I use it the less I miss the heavy lather of foams, which can make seeing what you’re shaving more difficult
  • Leaves the face feeling clean and residue free

Wash & Buff

  • Similar mild manly scent to the “Cleanse & Shave”
  • Just enough grit to exfoliate without leaving your face raw
  • Refreshing, and many men say over time it has helped reduce breakouts

Moisture Protect with SPF 20

  • Applies more like sunscreen than your traditional face lotion, so you need to really massage it in
  • Non-greasy after it dries
  • Nearly fragrance-free after application


A welcome departure from your granddad’s outdated shaving methods, The Perfect Shave Kit is an intelligent face care system that looks nearly as smart as it performs.