A Guide to Wedding Gifting What's expected and what's too much

You’re all set. You’ve figured out how to manage all the wedding invites you’re getting and narrowed it down to the ones you’re going to attend.

You’ve booked your flight to Chicago or Los Angeles and are getting ready for your long weekend of partying. Wait….what about a gift?

What do you even get the happy couple? Do you have to make room in your tiny carry on for a cutting board too?

Not to fear, like menswear, we’ve mastered the art of wedding gifting and are here to help. 

#1 Do you need to buy a gift? Proper wedding etiquette says “yes”. However, in the case that you RSVP “no” to a wedding, you are not expected to still purchase a gift for the couple.

That is, unless they are a close friend or relative and you cannot be there for a specific reason (i.e. having a baby, graduation). 

#2 Do they have a registry? Nowadays, most couples have a custom website complete with links to their gift registries.

This is your ultimate starting point. Ideally, take a look at their registry as soon as you rsvp.

Looking early guarantees you will have first dibs on some of the more reasonably priced ceramic bowls and linen towels before they are all accounted for.

Trust us – you don’t want to be stuck panicking over if you should spend $500 on an All-Clad pan set.  Bonus:

Most couples are now using registry platforms that allow you to go-in on a gift with several people.

So, grab your friends and buy the couple something nice without having to break your bank.

#3 Do you have to buy home-related gifts? No! Home-oriented gifts used to be commonplace when couples lived separately before getting married.

Now, with more couples living together before tying the knot, wedding gifts are encompassing more than just home goods.

Lots of couples have taken to creating funds for their honeymoon, home repairs, or charities in lieu of physical gifts – a great option for a man on the go looking for a quick gift!

You can also buy a gift for both the bride and groom separately – i.e. a gift card to the spa for the bride and a Guapbox for the groom. 

#4 How much should you spend? There is no set dollar amount that is required or expected when gifting newlyweds.

In general, if you’re headed to a co-worker or distant relative’s wedding stick to $50 – $75.

For a relative or acquaintance expect to spend $75 – $100 and for a close friend or immediate family member gift $100+.

That being said, if you are bringing a date along, increase your gifting spend about 50% to account for your plus one. 

#5 Gift giving timeline There’s no need to bring your wedding gifts to the wedding. Just be sure that the gifts arrive to the happy couple within three months of the wedding date.

Luckily, if you purchase off of the registry you don’t need to worry about it. Just remember, at the end of the day it’s the thought that counts more than the actual gift.

As long as you show up, look great, and support the couple, your gift-giving skills will never be questioned.  Now, have you thought about how you’re going to pack your suit?

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