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Alternative Uses for Bow Ties Bet you've never thought of these 5 alternative uses

Bow ties have been a formal dress staple since the 17th century, and although styles of bow ties have shifted through the years, their function has remained the same. Well, say goodbye to boring bow ties. It’s 2018, folks! We here at the GentleManual believe bow ties have so much more to offer than your average neck accessory. Here are five alternative ways to update the classic style.

Wine Glass Bow Tie Tags

What is classier than a glass of wine? A glass of wine with a bow tie on it.

If you want to avoid mixing your wine glass up with a stranger at parties and large events, try converting your favorite men’s accessory into a wine glass tag. Just cut the bow off of a pre-tied bow tie and hot glue the bow to a rubber band. Once dry, wrap the band around your glass, and you’re done.

Be careful — your wine glass might look more dapper than you.

Bow Tie Headband

Bowtie Headband Web

If rocking a bow tie around your next isn’t your style, try wearing it on your head. Bow ties can transform seamlessly from a neck accessory to a head accessory without much effort. Give any look a girly flair by wrapping the bow tie around your hair and securing it with a few bobby pins.

If you are feeling extra crafty, try sewing the ends of the bow tie together if you plan to incorporate this look into your daily wardrobe. Best of all you can match bow ties with your partner if that’s your thing.

Gift Wrapping Bow Tie

Everybody loves a good present. Especially a present topped with another present. Give your next gift an extra hint of pizzaz by topping the box with a bow tie. Depending on the size of the box you might have to supplement the areas the bow tie can’t cover with ribbon. Voila — you have the snazziest wrapping job ever.

Dapper Dog Collar

Bowtie Dog Web

If you haven’t put a bow tie on your pet yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. An easy way to dress up your pet for any event is to switch out their everyday collar for a bow tie.

You can even poke holes to loop the dog tags onto the bow tie so your dog can still be identified. Don’t miss the opportunity to make your dog the spiffiest dog at the dog park.

Swanky Bow Ties Keychain

Bowtie Keychain Web

A keychain can elevate even the most average accessory into a trendy new look. Just tie your favorite bow tie around a key ring and attach to your bag. This simple DIY will add tons of flare and have everyone wondering where you bought it.

How Do You Tie It Up?

How would you re-purpose a bow tie? Let us know your favorite bow tie D.I.Y.’s in the comments.

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