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9 Bachelor Parties on Any Budget The ultimate bro trip just got more fun

When someone says “bachelor party,” the first thing that comes to mind may be alcohol, strippers, and Vegas – so cliché. There’s nothing wrong with the standard debauchery of a wild night out, but there’s a difference between tried-and-true and it’s-all-been-done-before. Check out these unconventional ways to let loose one last time before officially tying the knot. There’s a party out there for every type of guy, with every type of budget.

“People have turned bachelor parties into a ritual. What it should be is you and your best friends getting together to do something that you want to do, and will have fun doing. So that slightly over-the-top, maybe more expensive than practical thing you’ve always wanted to do? Now’s the time to do it.” – Reddit

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1. Camping – $


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One of the advantages of opting for a few days in the great outdoors is the affordable cost. With a group of about ten people, the price of food and renting a camping spot can be about as cheap as $10 to $20 per person. Choose your destination based on the groom’s favorite activities. Pick a spot by a lake for the avid fisherman or mountainous terrain for the adventurous hiker. National parks like Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon offer lodges in the surrounding area for those who like to come back to the comforts of home. After surviving a weekend in the wilderness, marriage should be a piece of cake, right?

2. Take a Road Trip – $$

Take to the open road and see where it takes you. The perfect getaway for the spontaneous of heart, the Roadtrippers App allows you to type in a destination anywhere in the world and see what people are saying about places along the way, from points of interest, to food and drinks, to camping locations. Getting there is half the fun, but where you’re going is important too. Some popular destinations include New Orleans, Miami, San Diego, and of course, Vegas. No matter where you are, beaches and downtown areas always prove to be great final destinations.

3. Sports Game – $$$

There’s nothing quite like going to a game with all of the guys. Whatever the sport of choice, go all out and get box seats so you’ve got a bird’s-eye view while enjoying unlimited food and beer. Place your bets and cash in on your best bud’s leap of faith.

4. Rent a Beach House or a Cabin – $$

Rent you’re own man cave and be free to break out a few drinks and cause a little mayhem. This can be a one-night party or span the whole weekend. Let the party play out how it will, and if you get a little stir-crazy, take a trip down to the local watering hole. The key here is to escape from the stress of the wedding and create lasting memories.

5. Paintball – $$

Unleash your inner child and duke it out over a good old fashioned paintball fight. Most packages are around $300-$400, but if you split this between the guys, your wallet shouldn’t hurt too badly. You can bring your own drinks or, depending on where you choose to get your game on, venues may offer special options with drinks and food included.

6. Skydiving – $$$


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Get him ready to take the plunge by taking him on a dive of a lifetime. Getting married might be scarier than free-falling through the air, but he can regain his courage by facing his fears head-on. Most companies offer group rates so all the groomsmen can show their support while he takes the leap.

7. Make Your Own Poker Night – $

Vegas might be a tired idea for a bachelor party, but why not bring the ambiance of Sin City to you? All you need is poker chips, cards, snacks/appetizers, and you’re good to go! Of course, every good casino has a good bar, so be sure to keep the drinks flowing. Consider hiring a bartender to create an authentic experience, or set the stage by whipping up some appetizers and drinks yourself. Having a few cigars on hand also couldn’t hurt for a true casino experience.

8. Take a Cruise – $$$$

Most cruise lines offer two- to three-night weekend deals for around $200 dollars a person, so the price-tag can get a little steep depending on how many people are going on the voyage. A cruise can take you anywhere around the world, like weekend getaways to places like Ensenada, the Bahamas, and Florida. With on-board dining and bars, comedy clubs, casinos, golf courses, and potential for endless memories, it’s well worth the pretty penny.

9. Golf Retreat – $$


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Book a 1st class golf retreat and help him get into the swing of married life. Most courses have all you need to throw a great party, usually allowing up to sixteen players in a group. Many courses provide food and drink in their golfing packages or on site restaurants. If you plan on partying until the sun goes down, you can get your game on with night golfing, light up golf balls and pegs included. Make it a destination retreat and find a resort with hotel accommodations to take your time perfecting your swing.

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