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Going to the Bar? Don’t Wear This. 5 Things you should never wear

Ok guys, we know that your buddies might tell you one thing, but lets see how cool you REALLY look after we observe and assess a few things we still see when we go out. Here are some red flag ensembles some guys wear to the bar that scream douche bag, desperate, or just downright undateable.

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1.  Sunglasses at Night

Possibly the WORST idea. We all know you don’t need sunglasses to protect your eyes at night and it just shows a girl that you are trying way too hard to be cool or get attention. Sting didn’t pave the way for you and your buddies to collectively look like a group of blind guys. Leave your sunglasses at home and let everyone see the real you.

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2.  A Really Tight Shirt

Ok, we know you go to the gym all the time…we know.  The culprits of this no-no probably spend most of their day pumping iron and guzzling protein shakes, but no one likes an attention hog. It’s ok to wear a shirt that shows off your muscles that you’ve worked so hard for, but we don’t need to see every nook and cranny of your bicep…leave a little to the imagination. Believe me, a little mystery will intrigue a girl.

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3.  Too Many Buttons Open

For the love of whoever you pray to, know your limit for this one. It goes along with leaving something to the girls’ imagination. This will only make you look incredibly desperate and it will be apparent you are only looking for a one-night stand. You don’t want to be the bare-chested idiot that everyone is ripping on. Whether you’re rocking spaghetti meat or your chest is as smooth as a baby’s bottom, it’s just a bad look for anyone. Try only leaving one or two buttons open. Depending on the shirt.

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4.  Cigarette Behind the Ear

James Dean had a good run, but it’s not attractive to smoke anymore. Let alone flaunt that fact that you do. If you have a smoking habit, it’s best to keep it to yourself if you’re trying to find a girl. You get to know her before you just smoke around her without warning. Being too open in public about your habit can especially backfire if you’re unaware you’re getting checked out and then you light up, only to turn her off immediately.  A cigarette behind your ear says, “I just got out of prison,” or “I just started smoking.” Either way, it’s extremely unattractive.

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5.  Popped Collar

Simple and plain…just don’t. Frat guys and yuppies have made this look into something all in its own. Nothing says you pretty much suck like a popped collar. In the history of fashion there was a time popped collars were cool. That was also when people thought clear Pepsi and Miami Vice were cool. Fortunately, that time has long passed and people are way more conscientious of not looking like a tool these days. Well, almost everyone.

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