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Basics: Simplified Style With The White T-Shirt The absolute best picks for the classic menswear staple

What makes a t-shirt great? Maybe it’s one that drapes over your body just right or it’s one that just feels amazing when you wear it. Maybe it’s a t-shirt that you’ve had forever and holds with it, years of memories. No matter what it is, it can be near impossible to find the perfect one. We’re here to help!
When we think of t-shirts, the iconic white tee immediately comes to mind. To keep things going strong with our basics series, what could be better than the white t-shirt. Although chances are that your white tee has been regulated to the role of the undershirt. A perfect white t-shirt is so much more. It is a staple of casual, cool everyday wear. All over the world the white t-shirts the uniform of stylish men. We’ve scoured the internet and our own wardrobes to give you our picks of the best white t-shirts out there.

Hanes Crew Neck T-Shirt

White Hanes

These are the epitome of the basic white tee. Sturdy but not heavy, Hanes delivers on a shirt that every guy can wear.

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Buck Mason

White Buck Mason

Many people out there claim that Buck Mason makes some of the best t-shirts and we’re inclined to agree. Their beat-up look feels worn in but still looks as it did straight off the shelf. Those who want a shirt that’s both breathable and substantial, look no further.

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White Levis

The classic American brand also makes the classic American tee. It’s impossible not to feel like a classic movie star in one of their shirts. Even better is that their shirts come with the same quality and durability as their jeans.

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Naked and Famous

White Naked and Famous

One of the coolest jean brands out there just happens to make some of the best t-shirts too. Their white t-shirts feel like something a celebrity would wear but come at a reasonable price point. Made from soft, double spun cotton and weaved in a circular knit, they’re a cut above. What you end up having is a shirt without unsightly side and shoulder seams and thick enough that you won’t be subconscious that someone can see right through it.

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Tommy Hilfiger

White Tommy Hilfiger

Want the benefits of a classic white tee while still bringing some life into it? This Tommy Hilfiger tee with their all American graphic delivers the goods.

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The white t-shirt is a hallmark of men’s fashion. A great shirt does wonders for your style. These are just some of the great shirts out there. Good luck finding your perfect tee.

Let us know what your favorite t-shirt is like and where you shop.

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