beard styles for double chin

Best Beard Styles for Double Chin

A sharp jawline is something that attracts everyone, from men to women. Females struggle to get a strong jawline or hide a double chin.  (test)

However, men have an advantage. The facial hair growth in men helps them cover their double chin nicely. 

Yes, it is true. You can give a good hide, not your puffy jawline, with the help of some beard hair.

There is no doubt it is one of the simplest ways to deal with your stubborn double chin.  

Does a Beard Work for Double Chin? 

Many people are curious to know whether bears work for a double chin or not? 

Surprisingly, beard growth helps deal with all possible issues with your chin. 

From a double to a weak chin, it covers it all. The only thing that matters is the beard style. 

Even if you have less beard hair growth, it is okay. A thin layer of hair can even work for the trick. 

But, make sure that if you have a weak jawline, you must have good beard health. 

Best Beard Styles to Adopt for Double Chin

Are you convinced that your beard hair can save you from issues like the weak or narrow jawline, protruding chin, double chin, and more? 

If yes, it is time to reveal some fantastic beard styles to do the magic. 

Remember, having just a full beard is not enough to impact your double chin. You should select the bears according to face shape.

It should look good on your face and fits your personality; otherwise, things can go wrong. 

Let’s review a few beard styles you can try to hide a double chin. 

Full beard Style
Full Beard Style

Full Beard Style

You have a full beard style option at the top of the options list. 

It is one of the traditional styles of beard. Moreover, the style does not require any struggle at all.

You have to grow a beard long enough to cover your chin and sometimes Adam’s apple spot. 

It takes time to develop a beard this long, but it’s fun. 

Once you have the desired length of the full beard, do a little trim and give it an excellent shape. Full beards are favorite among many men and are a good fit for all face shapes. 

Pointed Beard
Pointed Beard

Duck’s Tail or Pointed Beard 

Are you looking for a more well-defined beard style option to hide a double chin? 

If yes, a duck’s tail or pointed beard is your type. It is similar to the full beard, but its trimming is different.

The sides of the beard have short hair, whereas the lower half from the middle is longer and creates a pointed effect. 

Usually, the length of this beard covers the lower jaw or reaches the neck giving good coverage to double chins. 

Some men do not like to have a long pointed beard; some even keep the length longer than Adam’s apple spot. 

Boxed beard
Boxed beard

Boxed Beard 

A boxed beard is the preferred option for men who love a short beard and do not want to get into the trouble of a heavy beard. 

You do not have to grow a full beard that will cover your Neckline or something. A beard covering your whole jaw is just fine. 

Most of the time, the length of the bead does not reach the middle of the neck. It lays flat on the jaw outline covering the weak jawline, and that is it. 

Inverted T-Beard 
Inverted T-Beard 

Inverted T-Beard 

Having a floating mustache and high chin hair growth makes the inverted T-Beard. 

It sometimes looks like a goatee if you do not remove the side hair linking with the center.

The critical factor in this beard style is removing all facial hair from the cheeks. 

It is just a mustache and beard on your face. The beard style works for the weak jaw. 

Remember, it never comes in a straight line. You have to give the curves of your beard some rounded direction. The length of the beard is not too long. 

You can even create a pointed edge of the beard or a duck’s tail look, but that is all experimental. It gives good coverage to double chins.

Garibaldi Beard 
Garibaldi Beard 

Garibaldi Beard 

Last but not least. Garibaldi Beard style is another classic beard style that men love to hide chin fat. 

It is more masculine and gives a heavy look to the face. Many men with narrow chin problems can have this one to get good coverage. 

If you have a fuller beard, you can have this style. It gives you a nice coverage fuller at the jaw, covers the stubborn double chin, and makes your face look natural. 

The beard is balanced and rounded. The facial hair on the cheeks is removed nicely, giving the lower half a better depth. 

Typically, the length of a Garibaldi Beard is around 4 to 8 inches. It can easily reach the Adam’s Apple spot, or you can even keep it at a shorter length. 

Sharp Jawline with Beard
Sharp Jawline with Beard

Some Quick Tips for a Sharp Jawline with Beards 

Even by knowing the ideal types of beards that help you hide an extra chin if you are not sure how to pull it off, here we are helping.

Let’s check out a few additional tips that help you pull off the trick nicely in making yourself more presentable

Length is All that Matters

Though you can cover the weak chin using a short and full coverage beard, it can never beat the length. If you have a chubby face, we recommend you go for a distance.

It will help you shape the size with a pointed edge, not a straight-line edge, and shave all extra hair from the cheeks. Eventually, your face will look more extended and intelligent. 

Lower Neckline can Help. 

Growing a beard involves a neckline. You should not keep the length short and expose the Neckline and some soft fat under the chin. 

Instead, a lower neckline will help you hide the fat chin and make a perfect composition. Have a good trim at the endpoint for jawline definition.

Shape it Sharp

Remember, your purpose in growing facial hair is to make your face look edgy and sharp. 

If you are not shaping the beard, you are killing the purpose. 

There is no need to let the beard grow without direction and sharpness. Add a spark to it by trimming it nicely with some sharp angles. 

It would be best to focus on the edges, upper cheeks, middle bottom, and even sides. 

You can create a straight line on the sides to make the beard look sharp and edgy. 

Keeping Sides Short

You will probably have chubby cheeks due to your beard covering your double chin. 

It can happen if you are unable to pay attention to the sideburns. Make sure to keep the sides of your beard short and edgy. 

Do not make them too short, as they can expose your side profile’s fats. Using a medium shortness technique is good enough. 

You can clean the facial hair from the upper side of the cheek and make the side hair above the jawline shorter. 

Feed the Bottom Part to Be Giant 

The bottom part of the beard is your savior. If you can manage, it is best to grow the bottom part at its best. 

The maximum length you can afford with a dense growth can help you have better margins. 

It lets you use all possible cutting and edging techniques on the beard. Eventually, you will love the results. 

Focus on Overall Growth 

It may sound weird to grow facial hair for women, but growing facial hair is essential for men. 

They need to have the best health of their hair. If the beard health is not at its best, it is impossible to shape it well. 

We recommend using all the hair care tips for facial hair so these will be thicker, good in length, and shine hair, adding more charm to your personality. 

You can find several care products for beard care. 

Keep it Sorted, Neat, and Clean

Growing bread adds more responsibilities to your hygiene. It is obvious to keep it clean, sorted, properly waxed, or combed. 

You cannot just let it be free and make an off impression of the personality. 

A dirty beard will create many problems for you and can cause you to experience hair in the mouth. 

It is good to invest your time in minimal trimming, cleaning, and adjustment. It will help in getting the best response out of your whole drill. 

Never be Afraid of the Early Growth Stage 

When the beard starts growing, it is a drastic time. It can be discouraging at the same time. 

When you are getting less hair on the face with all irregular growth, you can feel like shaving it. 

It is easier to shave off the beard, but beard grooming is a different experience. 

Hope for a better future and let it simply grow. Keep it trimmed so the old point will eventually cut off from the string. 

As the beard grows old, it has a better texture and management. You will get used to it, and the hair strands will be in their shape. 

Find Yourself a Barber 

A professional barber is what you need eventually. It is impossible to handle everything on your own. 

There are some things only professionals can do best. So, find a barber with experience and expertise to make your beard look perfect and set as your personality. 

It can be a time taking procedure but not impossible. You can have a few trials and eventually get someone best for your styling, major trimming, and management. 

Advice to Remember! 

Growing a beard to hide double chins can help you a lot. It is perfect even for the narrow jawline. 

The only consideration is to pick up the right kind of beard style. You should know if you can grow a full beard or not before deciding on it.

Pay all the attention to your looks and specifically your side profile. You have to manage the profiles with a beard so your jawline and cheek will look sharp and edgy. 

It is better to maintain it well and trim your beard’s sides to avoid the bulky and chubby look at times.

Beard maintenance and growth is a full-time job, and it leaves an impact on men’s lives. 

Be considerate of this life skill and make sure you are not falling on the wrong side. 

Do not worry if you cannot maintain a covered protruding chin. 

You can always take help from a barber. He can professionally create perfect beards styles for you to hide a weak jawline.


Does a beard make my face broad? 

A beard potentially can make your face look broad and covered. It mostly depends on your face shape and the beard style you pick.

If you are going for a sleek style, it will not cause a bulky impact on the face. In the case of a round fluffy face with a chubby cheek, a rounded beard will be the wrong choice. 

How to know what type of beard suits me? 

To select the best style, you need to invest in analyzing your face shape or learning curve. The face cuts help identify the overall loops in the look and fix them with the help of facial hair growth. 

Do I need to trim my beard regularly? 

Yes, by trimming nicely, you can make the beard grow better and thick. It is a fun fact that refreshing the ends of beard hair helps to reduce the frizz, split ends, and dead-ends simultaneously.

It keeps the beard hair shiny and reduces skin laxity. Trimming is a simple method to have better beards. 

How long will it take to grow a beard?

A light stubble typically grows within three to four days. However, for a full beard, you need weeks or even months. A time period of 8 weeks to 4 months is good enough to have a fuller and heavy beard. 

Does a beard end my double chin? 

Many people confuse the concept of covering the double chin or ending it. A beard cannot complete your double chin. Fats on the face will be there, and you can only get rid of them by exercising or losing weight. The beard will only help you buy some time by covering it.

How to treat a double chin other than growing a beard? 

Treating a double or weak chin without a beard is a hectic procedure. You have to work on face weight reduction, muscle growth, and facial alignment. You have to check out a few exercises and dedicated medical care. 

Can I color my beard? 

Yes, suppose you are comfortable with colors or can find a non-ammonia color. In that matter, it is acceptable to color your beard with suitable options. 

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