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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide 2017 From Dopp kits to mustache combs, our top picks for every guy on your list

Somehow the holiday season is back again.  While the cold weather and parties have us excited, gift-getting is looming on our to-do list.

Choosing the right gift can be downright stressful.  You want to get something thoughtful and practical without breaking the bank.

Whether it’s for your best friend, your dad, or even yourself, here are our top picks anyone would be stoked to receive.

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Dopp Kit, Vetelli | $69.99

Dop Kit

For any guy who appreciates vintage style, this Dopp kit is a must.

Mixing classic style and functionality, it’s bigger than it looks. You get plenty of storage and as a bonus, it’s water-resistant.

There are also two large separate zip compartments, one of which has two travel bottles tucked into a mesh pouch.

The quality is top notch and this is sure to be something that they’ll use every day.

Money Clip, StudioRoja | $16.00

Don’t let your wallet get stretched out. Every man should own a money clip for convenience and style.

StudioRoja has a ton of cheeky quotes on their money clips, which makes this EDC a little more entertaining.

Fantastic Cities Coloring Book, Steve McDonald | $8.00

Coloring Book

This is for that friend who’s always talking about needing an outlet from their stressful and busy life.

Steven McDonald has a plethora of intricate drawings in his manly coloring books.

Blunt Metro Umbrella, Blunt | $60.00

The rainy season has arrived and unfortunately, it’s here to stay. This Blunt Metro Umbrella not only looks dapper, but it also withstands all types of weather.

They’re tested in wind tunnels against extreme conditions so you know you’re getting a quality product.

If you live on the West Coast, this umbrella also protects from UV rays during warmer “winter” (sorry East Coasters).

Guapbox, Ties.com | $35.00

Give the gift of good style. Unlike other boxes, this one is personalized to the guy receiving it.

Whether you’re helping someone dress better or just dealing with a really fashionable friend, this gift is sure to be a hit.

Personalized Handmade Folding Real Mustache Comb, Mini-Fab | $24.99

This very manly mustache comb makes for the perfect gift for the guy who celebrates Movember all year round.

It’s made with eco-friendly bamboo and can be personalized for free with a monogram of his initials. It works on any beard as well.

Book of the Month Subscription, Book of the Month | 3-month ($44.99)

This is perfect for someone who loves books os much they’re running out of shelf space.

The Book of the Month subscription is great for anyone who reads fast and wants to discover new authors.

Each month they hand-pick their own picks for each month and receive five titles. It’s a book haven (and we might be signing up at the same time we type this).

Leather Bounded Carrara White Marble Notebook, Mikol | $95.00

This is for your friend who buys his coffee for the ‘gram instead of the caffeine.

This style has both graph and lined paper so he can use the appropriate type of paper, if he actually cracks it open.

Your bougie friend is guaranteed to love this and it’ll look really good in the background of his Instagram shot.

177 Beer Bottle Cap Map, Beer Cap Maps | $75.00

This beer cap map will get you drunk while you brush up on your geography. Well, we’ll just tell other people it’s for the latter reason.

The only con is that the caps are a little hard to squeeze in the hole if you’re not using twist off caps.

But the map does look pretty impressive on the wall once you start filling in the holes. They also offer a smaller desk-sized map for $24.95.

Breakfast Man Crate, Man Crate | $69.99

Man Crate Breakfast

The holidays aren’t an excuse to put off getting them #gains. Surprise any fitness junkie with this “Morning Glory” Man Crate.

They’ll feel satisfied and strong after a breakfast of protein pancakes and bacon that’s cooked to perfection.

A warning though — you’ll really have to work hard to get your breakfast as the crate is sealed shut with hot glue.

You’re equipped with is a small crowbar and the oh-so-helpful instructions that say “Try harder.” Once you get it open, you’ll really feel like you’ve earned your calories.

Phonesoap 2.0, PhoneSoap | $59.95

Our phones are probably the dirtiest items we own, but we don’t do anything about it. Phonesoap makes cleaning your phone simple.

All you have to do is plug in the Phonesoap box, and place your phone inside like a tanning bed, and close the lid to let it do its magic.

Espresso Press P7 Stainless Steel, French Press Coffee |$99.95

We all know someone who downs coffee like it’s water. It comes in two different sizes, so vary depending on their level of addiction.

It’ll look great on their countertop and also feed their caffeine needs.

It also comes with coffee filters and a beautiful wooden mixing spoon. Add some personalized coffee beans to go with it for an even more thoughtful touch.

Valet Refill Set with Shoe Polish, Foot Fitter | $45.00

Foot Finder

Foot Finder Shoe Horn

FootFitter is every shoe snob’s dream.

The valet set has everything he didn’t know he needed — polishes, horsehair brushes, shoe shine kits, valets, stretchers, and any other shoe care product you can think of.

The quality of the products are top notch and even it’s box is gorgeous so don’t worry if you “forget” to wrap this present.

Watermelon Keg Kit, KegWorks | $29.99

A watermelon keg kit is perfect for that friend who loves to throw parties and bbqs.

It’ll also be a smash (get it?) at any holiday party they’re throwing.

While Watermelons can be hard to find this time of year, it also works on pumpkins.

Mini Man Crate, Man Crates | $69.99

Man Crate Beard

We loved the first one so much, we ordered a second. Man Crates also offer mini crates that are budget-friendly and stuffed with awesome gifts.

Pictured is their Beard Wrangler Mini Crate that comes with a beard shampoo bar, beard balm, beard oil, beard brush, and a hand towel.

If you have a friend who loves to show off their manliness, this crate is for them.

That’s a Wrap

We hope you found the perfect gift, even if it’s for yourself. Don’t forget the true spirit of Christmas — watching Elf and sitting in your pajamas all day. Presents are just the star on top of the tree.

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