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The Best Netflix Shows to Watch Right Now These shows are definitely binge-watch worthy

We all know that feeling when you finish a series on Netflix and crave more. You scroll through the popular and recommended lists, but there are an overwhelming amount of shows to pick from. Don’t worry – we did all the research for you and compiled a list of the top five shows you should watch on Netflix right now.

Get ready to sit on your couch for hours because we guarantee you’ll be hooked.

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End of the F***ing World

This isn’t your typical high school romance. You might think from the trailer that this show is about two rebellious kids falling in love and traveling together. However, this “love” story has a dark twist – the girl likes the boy, but the boy wants to kill the girl.

This series follows the two teens as they travel around England, making a ruckus wherever they go. It’s thought-provoking diving into the mind of the psychopathic boy who thinks it would be “fun” to kill the girl, but the dry humor keeps it from being too creepy.

If you’ve been craving to watch a dark and humorous show like Dexter, this is your perfect fix.

Black Mirror

If you’re into science fiction, this series will have you hooked. Black Mirror doesn’t follow a set of characters like a typical TV series. Instead, each episode portrays possible futures or alternate realities that could happen because of society’s dependence on modern technology.

The plots the writers come up with are scarily relatable. Its dark twist on existing technology is why this series has blown up.

Think modern-day Twilight Zone who’s story hits a little too close to home.

Sherlock Holmes

An oldie but a goodie, this four-season series delves deep into Sherlock Holmes personal life and how he goes about solving the hardest crimes in all of Britain. Four seasons might seem like a short series, but each episode is about an hour long, so it’s perfect binge-watching material.

A forewarning though – you must start from season one, episode one since the whole series is connected in one elaborate plot.The only con is that the series gives off a low-budget feel due to the poor filming quality. Perhaps they spent all their budget on hiring Benedict Cumberbatch to portray Sherlock Holmes. But don’t worry, the clever script and top-notch acting make the hazy editing worth it.

Pro tip: make sure to turn on closed captions if you can’t quite follow the quick conversations in British accents.

Big Mouth

Don’t be fooled by the cartoon drawings – this newer series is not for the faint of heart. The creators based this series on their experience as preteens, and one even voices his own fictional character.

It gets very weird, to say the least, as the characters run into other people and objects who give them advice along their journey through middle school. It’s also a bit nostalgic since we can relate to the messiness of growing up.

If you like dry and taboo humor, this series is for you. Just be careful who you watch it around.

The Crown

Though not new, there are a lot of changes coming in season three — it’s the perfect time to pick up this show. Since the series focuses on a decade per season, the characters on The Crown are aging faster than the actors themselves, which warrants a re-cast. This is rare in modern shows, but the old and new cast are optimistic about this change.

If you’re a history nut, this is the right series for you. 

The award-winning series focuses on Queen Elizabeth II’s reign over the United Kingdom in the 1940s and 1950s and the trials and tribulations she faced. It might sound a bit dry like a history class, but the show has a lot of heart and the production is top-quality.

Season three is going to focus on the 1960s and 70s with the new cast. Luckily seasons one and two can be found on Netflix already, and the newest season won’t air until later this year, so you’ll have more than enough time to catch up.

Binge-Watch Away

From mysteries to alternate realities to the hard struggle of growing up, these five series are sure to keep you clicking “continue watching.” And all, with maybe the exception of Sherlock Holmes, are due for another season, so these are sure to keep you busy until then.

Are there any shows we missed? Let us know.

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