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Best Places to Shop for Menswear According to the GentleManual A guide to men's clothing stores

There are a staggering amount of options for menswear. It can be a treacherous journey finding a brand that is both affordable and stylish. Worry no more! We at the GentleManual have meticulously found the best menswear brands currently in existence just for you. Say goodbye to half-baked style and get to shopping.

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The Best Menswear Brands


Goodfellow Target Menswear Brand
Goodfellow Target

Goodfellow & Co Mens Size X-Large Standard Fit S/S Button Down Shirt, True White

  • 100% Cotton
  • Slightly Fitted in Chest and Sleeves – More Room in Waist – Machine

Target’s updated menswear brand Goodfellow C.O is surprising good. They cover pretty much everything you could need in menswear. From basics like chinos, jeans, and t-shirts to things like blazers, shoes, and accessories, they have it all. With fashion-forward designs, Goodfellow never veers into boring. Look here to build your wardrobe up on a budget.

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H and M

H and M Menswear
H and M Mens

As one of the world’s biggest fast fashion retailers, H and M is a great choice for youthful, fashionable clothes on the very cheap. With everything from suits to men’s jewelry.

Although the quality can vary, there’s plenty of pieces built to last if you know where to look. Steer clear of their Divided brand and you’ll be in good hands.

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Zara Menswear
Zara Man

Another fast-fashion retailer, Zara, caters to a slightly higher-end market than H and M. Go to Zara for styles that move beyond the boundaries of basics and into looks that are more akin to what you’d see on the runway. Their suits and dress shoes are great options for two reasons. First, they’re very affordable and second they’re cool enough to differentiate you from the crowd. If you’re thinking of trying out some nontraditional colors or styles, head to Zara first before shelling out serious cash.

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J Crew Menswear
J-Crew Men’s

J.Crew Broken in Short Sleeve Crew

  • 100% Cotton
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low.

We love J-Crew on this site. Well crafted, evergreen menswear makes it one of the best stores at your local mall. When you’re ready to start investing in higher quality pieces without breaking the bank, J-Crew is your best bet.

We can’t mention J-Crew without mentioning their iconic Ludlow suit. Seriously it’s pretty much the best suit out there for the price.

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COS Menswear
C.O.S Men’s

Minimalist clothing reigns supreme at C.O.S. If you’re tired of navigating between Hawaiian shirts and floral prints and long for the days of simple, muted colors, the C.O.S is your store. What you’ll find at C.O.S will become your everyday go-to’s.

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Club Monaco

Club Monaco Menswear
Club Monaco Men’s

Club Monaco Men’s Grant Summer Blazer

  • Modern tailored fit, updated with a shorter jacket length and slimmer cut.

Easy-going Riveria style puts Club Monaco on the list. Thier slim fits and easy to layer pieces make being fashionable a breeze. Club Monaco especially shines in the warmer months with their excellent linen shirts. Don’t let the slightly higher price point scare you off, Club Monaco menswear will last season after season.

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Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti Menswear
Massimo Dutti Men’s

Everyone knows the Italians are some of the most stylish men on the planet. Now you can dress a little more like them. Massimo Dutti has European tailoring and looks that are right at home in any guy’s style. Offering plenty of styles and materials, there’s a ton of variety at Massimo Dutti. They’re perhaps the best menswear brand on the list for clothes that transition from the office to play, especially with their polos.

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All Saints

All Saints Menswear
All Saints Men’s

Edgy, biker style makes All Saints a standout on this list. For the price, their leather jackets are arguably the best out there. Couple that with plenty of leather jacket styles to choose from and you’ll see why they’re on this list of the best menswear brands. Leather jackets aside, All Saints has quality menswear basics and some very cool Hawaiian shirts.

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Patagonia Menswear
Men’s Patagonia

Patagonia Mens Nano Puff Hoody 84222

  • Classy
  • Authentic

Patagonia is home for outdoorsy guys and lovers of comfy clothes. There’s a near limitless pool of styles to choose from, making incorporating their clothes into your wardrobe seamless.

We have a special place on this list for Patagonia being eco-conscious and making sustainable clothing that is not only good for you but for the world we live in.

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Uniqlo Menswear
Uniqlo Men’s

Originating from Japan, this menswear brand giant is here to stay stateside. Uniqlo Men’s has everything. Their clothes are the trifecta of quality, style, and price. Better yet, their clothes are all made with comfort in mind. That means no matter what you get there, you’ll never want to take it off.

Another thing that makes Uniqlo great is their menswear collections with some of the best men’s fashion designers in the game. Their LeMaire collection comes to mind for its sartorial simplicity. If that’s anything to base them off of, Uniqlo will keep hitting it out of the park with their collaborations.

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Thursday Boots

Thursday Boots Men's Boots
Thursday Boots Men’s

Your shoes deserve just as much, if not more, love than the rest of your outfit. A great pair of boots will last you years and hundreds of miles. So invest in ones built to last while still being affordable for the average Joe. With styles like desert boots, even the seasons can’t stop you from rocking a pair of boots all year round.

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Theory Menswear
Theory Men’s

Theory Men’s Raffi Neoteric Twill Pants

  • Slim fit
  • 4-way stretch
  • Machine washable

When you’re ready to dedicate money to a stylish and professional wardrobe, gravitate to Theory. Their clothes are undeniably stylish and will still look good years from now. Their contemporary and modest cuts are timeless gold for menswear. With the dizzying speed that trends come and go, Theory makes a case for choosing something that lasts.

Take note that Theory leans to the dressier side so expect dress shirts and smart bombers to be your picks here as opposed to t-shirts.

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These are just some of our favorite stores. Tell us where you shop in the comments below!

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