Stand Out From The Groomsmen

Can A Groom Stand Out From The Groomsmen With Just A Tie?

Your wedding day is going to be one of the most important days of your life and that means you want it to be all about you.

Your job as a groom is to pick the outfits for your groomsmen, which means carefully planning fabrics, colors and styles that are going to compliment your own outfit on your big day. 

It’s essential to differentiate yourself from your hand-picked squad by adding a splash of color, a different pattern or even a different style of suit altogether.

For example, you wear a tuxedo and your groomsmen dress in smart three-piece suits.

Switching it up to signify that you’re the leader of the pack can be as simple as wearing a different style tie.

We’re going to show exactly which ties and how you can stand out from the rest of your groomsmen crew. 

Try a different tie

Black Silk Black Self Tie Bow Tie 219998 505 1280 0 2

Black Self-tie Bow Tie

Go from Joe Bloggs to James Bond with this black self-tie bow tie. Crafted from 100% silk, this bow tie will make you feel as sophisticated as it looks.

When choosing a necktie to help distinguish you from the common rabble (just kidding), there are a few different ties to choose from.

If your groomsmen are all wearing skinny neckties then it’s a great opportunity for you to wear a bowtie in the same color as your groomsman or black for a very formal wedding.

This subtle difference means that you won’t have to sport a completely different suit but just a small, subtle change to help make a difference. 

For fabrics, stick with a silk or even go with velvet to add a luxurious twist on your outfit.

Don’t forget, if you’re wearing a tuxedo to your wedding, you should really be rocking up in a black bow tie and white pocket square to complete your outfit for a traditional look.

If you do decide to go the tuxedo route, modern tuxedo rules will allow your groomsman to wear tuxes with long black neckties and still look as suave as ever.     

Wedding tie color

When it comes to color, you’ve got a whole myriad of choices when choosing a wedding tie for your big day.

It’s best to stick to one color family for you and the groomsmen and then choose a contrasting hue or variant shade for your tie.

For example, if your groomsmen are wearing beige tweed suits with a pale orange or salmon-colored tie and matching accessories like a pocket square.

By wearing a richer color and switching up your accessories like a solid burgundy tie and pocket square, you can really show the difference between you and your groomsman.

Zinfandel Microfiber Zinfandel Tie 239970 540 1280 0

Zinfandel Tie

Suit up to perfection with the beautiful solid ties by Peter Hayer. This microfiber zinfandel tie features a refined satin finish, giving just the right amount of sheen that’s perfect for formal events, important business meetings, or weddings.

All about those accessories

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They’re an important part of any man’s formal attire and even more so on his wedding day.

Accessories help to distinguish your outfit from your groomsman and can be easily mixed and matched.

If you are wearing a tux, consider adding suspenders and a cumberbund to your outfit. Try playing around with different colored pocket squares and patterns that are different from your own.

For example, your groomsmen can wear check or paisley pocket squares while you’re still sporting the classic white pocket square. 

Tie the knot 

Small changes can make a big difference when it comes to wearing a suit and standing out on your big day.

Tying a necktie might sound like a tiny part of your outfit but when wearing one with the right knot, it can make an impact on how your collar and chest area look.

Not all tie knots are created equally and some of them will definitely take more practice than others.

The great thing about tie knots is that they have distinct characteristics about them.

As the groom, you can choose to tie an Eldridge knot, which is a little bit fancier and should be worn on special occasions.

Your groomsman can sport the classic Windsor knot, it’s elegant, symmetrical and refind. 

Simple changes

There are so many ways that can help you stand out from your groomsmen and they don’t have to involve a lot of work and breaking the bank.

A change in the style of tie, color or pattern can go a long way to make you look great on your big day. 

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