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Can I Kick It? A Guide To Editing Your Shoe Closet Learn which shoes to chuck, and which to keep

Your girlfriend hates your closet. She’s the most organized person that’s ever existed, and your early 2000 Nike Dunk collection is taking up way too much space. And when are you really going to wear those safari print Air Maxes?

It’s time to consolidate. Here’s a basic list of all the shoes you’ll ever need.

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All Weather Boots

Shoes were invented to protect your feet from the elements, not to match your Yankees cap. All purpose boots are a must-have.


Original Short Wellington by Hunter  •  Timberland Suede Boot by Mark McNairy

Work Casual

A simple Brogue or Desert Boot is a good everyday shoe. Classic, elegant and nondescript. People are already taking you more seriously.


Macalister Desert Boot by J.Crew  •  Felix Leather Wingtip Brogue by O’ Keeffe


Sometimes you have to sex it up. There should be no shortcuts taken here; a simple, beautiful formal shoe should be made of the best leather or suede. Form over function reigns supreme.


Becketts Classic Oxford by John Lobb  •  Miller Leather Oxford by Mr. Hare

Everyday Sneaker

Comfort is the ultimate aspiration. Nothing beats the classic Converse Chuck Taylor unless you have an extra $350 to splurge on a pair of Common Projects Achilles.


Achilles by Common Projects  •  Chuck Taylor by Converse

Patrick Johnson
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