red tie with black suit

Can you wear a red tie with a black suit?

Are you looking for the perfect look for your next big day out? A black suit with a red tie is a timeless choice whether you’re going to a personal or professional event, but can you wear a red tie with a black suit?

A friend’s wedding, awards ceremony, or just a big meeting at work all calls for the black suit white shirt and red tie combination.

Although this look serves as a staple for formal occasions, you do have to take the right approach to pull it off, however. So, make sure to:

Romeny red tie
Romeny red tie

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Pick the right color:

When it comes to black suit combinations, not all shades of red are created equal. Overall, it’s best to choose red coloured ties in darker shades, like burgundy, maroon, and garnet. Avoid bright colours whenever possible.

The main exception is Christmas red, which can prove striking at all your formal events. Other bright colours can overwhelm your entire outfit, so it’s a bad idea to let a vivid tie steal the show.

Don’t forget to verify that the tie is an obvious choice for your shirt colour as well.

Going with a navy shirt? A black suit with a red tie will only work when you match the brilliance of the hues across the board, including your shoe color.

It’s all about the whole look, after all. So, even break out the pocket squares to look super polished when you step outside the door.

Stripe red tie
Stripe red tie

Choose the fabric carefully:

Your fabric choice matters as well. The black suit and red tie combinations only work when you skip the shiny fabrics. The shininess can look far too flashy, which overwhelms the senses when vivid hues are in play.

If you want flash, then pair your outfit with silver accessories. Don’t just select shiny fabrics to do the job for you.

In the end, you want your tie alone to give more contrast to the look, while shirt, pocket square, shoes, and accessories just bring everything together.

The effect still has to remain somewhat subtle, however. So, match your fabrics and hues perfectly to dress for success.

Burgundy tie
Burgundy tie


Loud patterns are never a good choice when going when wearing black and red together. So, skip the novelties in favor of a more classic look, like stripes. Striped red and black ties look phenomenal with black suit jackets and pants.

If you want to skip the patterns but still prefer a more striking look, consider going with a skinny red tie instead. The slim profile creates an eye catching look that’s undeniably classy.

When you simply cannot go with the tried and true choices, don a black or white dress shirt with your loud tie patterns. Don’t go with a pink shirt, blue shirt, or the like.

Otherwise, you’ll miss the mark in creating a look that’s memorable for all the right reasons.  

White shirt
White shirt

What shirt to wear with a black suit and red tie?

You’re not limited to a crisp white shirt when wearing black. You can wear practically any color dress shirt with a black suit.

But when you add a red tie to the equation your choices narrow quite a bit. The red is eye catching all on its own, so it’s best to let it serve as your key focal point.

When wearing a red tie, you really cannot go wrong with the black suit white shirt formula, of course. That said, a light grey, dark grey, and silver shirt are all surefire choices, too.

A black shirt can look amazing as well. If you do that, you’ll need to create contrast with your ties, pocket square, shoes, and accessories. Otherwise, your look will appear a bit static and unimpressive.

Since the black suit and red tie combo should look wholly sophisticated, skip the polka dots. A pink shirt, red shirt, or light blue shirt is never a good idea either.

Your shirt color should complement your black suit jacket and pants while allowing your red tie to stand out.

The dress shirt serves as a background for the tie, after all, while pulling the ensemble together.

Think of which colour combinations you enjoy most to determine how to assemble your outfit.

When you wear a black suit with the right shirt and tie color, it gives you a formal edge. So, don’t skip the details when creating the perfect look that you and all your admirers will love.  

White pocket square
White pocket square

What other accessories to wear with a black suit and red tie?

A red tie and black suit combination works great with dark colour accessories. Your red tie works as a key focal point. You don’t want any other accessories drawing away from that.

Silver accents are an exception to the rule, but only when used sparingly. When bringing silver into the mix, consider going with a black shirt, black suit, and dark red tie. Then, put on black shoes and a simple white pocket square.

In fact, black shoes are always a must when wearing a black suit. No matter your tie color or accessories, dark brown shoes never work with a black suit.

Similarly, you’ll want to wear an unobtrusive black leather belt as well if you need one for your suit pants. It’s best to get your suit tailored to ensure it fits without one.

A white pocket square is always a sure thing when wearing a black suit and red tie. You don’t want to match your pocket squares to your tie. Even if you do get the perfect red, it’ll draw the eye away from your tie and ruin your style.

You don’t have to just go with a crisp bright white though. Cream-colored pocket squares can look just as good with your black suit red tie combination, especially if you’re wearing a crimson red tie.

Best ties wear with a black suit?

If you’re sold on the idea of wearing a red colour tie with your black suit, it’s time to pick your perfect tie. Here’s a look at the ones that promise to perfect your outfit in an instant.

Skinny Red Tie
Skinny Red Tie

Skinny Red Tie

A bold choice always, the skinny red tie makes a statement from the start. This tie speaks volumes about your winning personality and willingness to think outside the box.

You’ll undoubtedly stand out from the crowd with this tie accenting your overall style. Just be sure to let it stand strong all on its own by pairing it with a white or black shirt.

Striped red and black tie
Striped red and black tie

Striped Red and Black Tie

The striped red and black tie shows off your fun-loving, adventurous attitude at first glance. The stripes help bring your look together while acting as an ice breaker to all who want to have a chat.

With the black stripes breaking up the red, this tie works great with light and dark grey dress shirts. So, if you want to ditch the white and black shirts, you can do that easily with this tie choice.

Christmas red tie
Christmas red tie

Christmas Red Tie

A Christmas red tie is a daring choice that lets everyone know you make bold moves always. The vivid red tones stand out wonderfully, especially when you back it with black on black.

Your outfit will prove eye catching from every vantage point, drawing all the formal event attendees your way. You won’t even need any silver accents to add a little personality to the mix.

red Bow tie
Bow tie

What about the Bow Tie?

For most formal occasions, it’s best to skip the bow tie. If you think you can pull it off, however, give it a try.

You may end up wishing you stuck to the tried-and-true classic design, especially when wearing black suits.

The bottom line

Whenever you want to make a bold statement at your next formal occasion, go with the always popular black suit red tie combination. Your black suit sets the stage for the red colour tie to stand out as your key focal point.

With that move, you can rest assured that all eyes will stay on you throughout the event. Your well put together appearance will make a great first impression, too, making it easier to create connections along the way.

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