tuxedo and tie

Can you wear a tie with a tux?

When it comes to wearing a tuxedo, there is more room for creativity than you might think.

The most fashionable men know that you don’t have to wear a bow tie if you don’t want to. Old rules don’t always apply to every formal occasion, as you will see.

To wear a tuxedo is a huge deal, whether you’re the groom or one of the guests at a formal event.

A tuxedo is the pinnacle of men’s formalwear, typically reserved for only the most formal of occasions.

You may be requested to wear a tuxedo to a wedding, a formal dinner or for another special event. But not everyone feels comfortable wearing a bow tie with a tux. 

If you’re still wondering can you wear a tie with a tux instead of a bow tie, you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve got the answers!

Tuxedo and Suit
Tuxedo and Suit

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The difference between a tuxedo and other suits

To understand can you wear a tie with a tux, it’s helpful to have a basic understanding of the difference between a tuxedo and other kinds of suits, especially formal suits.

While certain suits such as a dinner jacket and tuxedos are equally formal, they differ significantly in terms of material, cut, and the occasions when they should be worn.

The finish details on a tuxedo are the main difference between a tuxedo and a formal suit.

Tuxes are most often constructed with satin lapels, satin waistband, satin or silk covered buttons, and often, a tell-tale satin stripe down the outside of the pants leg.

Now, it’s helpful to know that menswear designers often take liberties with these traditional details on tuxedos in order to create a unique branding style.

For example, a person can walk into a tuxedo store and find an array of tuxedo pants that don’t have the signature satin stripe down the pant legs.

However, there will always be other distinguishing details on a tuxedo suit that make it unique apart from a regular formal suit or dinner jacket.

In general, suits, while still formal, have a considerably more relaxed appearance than a tuxedo.

The main feature that a tux and a suit have in common is that both the jacket and the pants are made of the same, complementary material.


When is it appropriate to wear a tuxedo?

Since wearing a tuxedo is the height of men’s fashion, there are only a handful of times when it’s appropriate to wear one.

The first, of course, is anytime that a tuxedo is specifically mentioned in the invitation. In that case, substituting a tuxedo for any other kind of suit—no matter how fancy—would definitely not be appropriate.

Other times, an invitation may call for formal attire.

In that case, it’s a safe assumption that they are not referring to casual events, and that a tuxedo is highly recommended.

The second time that it’s appropriate to wear a tuxedo is when the term “black tie event” is used.

If the invitation makes specific mention of black tie, then the hosts expect all the men to be wearing a tuxedo and not just a dinner jacket.

Most formal events do call for either a formal suit or a tuxedo jacket, at a minimum.

Bow Tie
Bow Tie

Is wearing a bow tie mandatory with a tuxedo?

When it comes to men donning a tuxedo for formal events, one of the most common concerns is the bow tie.

Some people like the appearance of a black bow tie, while others would rather avoid it at all costs.

Wearing a bow tie with a tux used to be a must, but experts agree that the match isn’t as clear-cut any longer. Bow ties carry with them a certain kind of “stigma.”

They are seen to be a very stodgy fashion style, commiserate with serious folk who are older, bookish, and less inclined to be risk-takers.

Recently, many high profile people have opted for a slim neck tie instead of the traditional bow tie.

A slender neck tie in a neutral color such as off-white or ivory is becoming a more acceptable tuxedo accessory, especially for those who wish to dress down the tuxedo a bit without foregoing it altogether. 

That sentiment has trickled down to the general populace, with groomsmen and wedding party attendees also skipping the bow tie in favor of alternative neckwear.

A man wearing a tie
A man wearing a tie

Can you wear a tie with a tux?

It may seem strange to give up the conventional bow tie, but fashion experts insist that it’s a personal choice that’s allowed while still adhering to the traditional black-tie dress code.

When it comes to wearing a neck tie with a tuxedo, there are no exact rules.

Since the traditional way was always to wear a bow tie with a tux, wearing a neck tie with a tuxedo is already bucking the trend, so it’s kind of a situation where anything goes.

Men can now just trust their own instincts and do what their innate fashion sense tells them, while taking into account the nature of the event.

Often, if it’s expected that if everyone else in a tux is going to be wearing a bow tie, and the event is formal and traditional, a man should show up wearing a bow tie in order to conform to what everyone else is doing. 

This might be the case with an event, for instance, that is a fundraiser for a very old establishment with traditional rules.

However, if the event is something based on the creative arts, it’s likely that at least some of the male attendees will balk at tradition and go with creative—and even colorful—alternatives to a bow tie. 

Why not to wear a tie
Why not to wear a tie

When you shouldn’t wear a tie

While a tie is sometimes acceptable to wear with a tuxedo, there are a few occasions when a bow tie is preferred over a neck tie.

If you’re part of a wedding party or group that is obliged to wear a bow tie, you’d be making a major error if you didn’t follow the dress code.

It might even be considered a social faux pas to purposely not wear a bow tie when you know that you’re in a group where everyone else will be wearing one. 

For example, if a black tie outfit is called for, or if you’re a groomsman or part of any kind of black tie events where there is a need to dress the same for consistency, then you should do as you’re asked, and wear the same kind of neckwear as others in the group for the sake of decorum.

Otherwise, a formal neck tie is perfectly acceptable to be worn with a tux. 

A man wearing a bow tie
A man wearing a bow tie

When a bow tie just makes sense

If you’re not sure about the formality of the setting, you could opt to skip the tie and go with a cool bow tie or even a white bow tie.

If you want to blend in and look the part, a classic bow tie will always work with the dress code. 

If you are going to an event where the guest list is public or you won’t know many of the other attendees, it’s probably best to stick with the standard bow tie in order not to feel uncomfortable. 

There’s no need to take risks just for the sake of rocking the boat.

wear tux with a tie
Wear a tuxedo with a tie

How to wear a tuxedo with a tie

If you’re wearing a tux, you should always be very choosy about selecting a tie to wear with it.

Chances are, you don’t already own a tie that is appropriate to be worn with a tuxedo.

The tie itself should be very special. Shop for a formal tie that is slender, but not too skinny.

It should be made of a luxury material such as satin ot silk. A pattern would be acceptable, if it is subtle. 

Experts recommend that you consult with a fine menswear representative and let them know that you are shopping for an appropriate necktie that will be worn with your tuxedo.

You might even consider bringing in the tuxedo so that the tie can be properly matched to the material, color and cut of the tuxedo.

Generally speaking, the tie should always match the lapels of a tuxedo. Usually, that will mean a black silk tie.

However, if your lapels are a different hue, then match that other hue with the tie. It’s safer to keep things basic and save your novelty ties for casual, novelty occasions. 

Finally, a decorative tie pin could help to dress up a tie with a tux.

Preferably, a fine jewel-encrused tie pin that is understated would be placed at a center point one-third of the way down from the knot.

Knotting a tie
Knotting a tie

Knotting a tie to wear with a tux

The knot of the tie should be considered in the look of men who are genuinely fashion-forward.

The Windsor and half Windsor knots are most commonly used. 

If you aren’t familiar with these knots, allow your menswear representative to instruct you.

If you will be wearing a tuxedo shirt or a dress shirt with a wingtip collar, pocket square, pleats, studs or cummerbund, a bow tie will simply look better, since the entire look might not look well-put together otherwise.

If you insist on wearing a conventional necktie, choose a low-key tuxedo shirt that bears either no placket, a classic placket or a fly front.

Dressing comfortably is essential. Strive to balance your need to make a fashion statement with your desire to dress in accordance with the occasion and your wish to fit in.

In the end, the answer to can you wear a tie with a tux is that it is possible to wear a tie with a tux, under the right circumstances.

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