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The Cashmere V-Neck: 3 Ways to Wear It Go from winter to spring in this versatile piece

Spring is right around the corner, and if there’s one thing in your wardrobe that should be a staple of the season, it’s a sweater, preferably V-neck. This essential garment is great for 3 reasons: (1) Layering, so you can be prepared for whatever the weather brings. (2) Functionality, as you can dress a sweater up or down depending on the occasion. (3) Timelessness, as you’d be hard-pressed to ever see this classic go out of style.

Whatever your take is on this functional staple, we want you to get the best possible use out of it. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of ways to switch up your look while sporting the same sweater. To inspire you, here are three ways to style your favorite cashmere v-neck.

The Weapon of Choice

The Cashmere V-Neck: 3 Ways to Wear It

We chose this cotton cashmere v-neck sweater from Uniqlo for its affordability and timelessness. You might be asking, why v-neck? Well, this particular sweater is quite possibly one of the most essential elements of any well-dressed gentleman’s wardrobe, as not only can it be as casual as it can be formal, but because the distinctive v-neck neckline effortlessly frames your face and the garments you choose to wear underneath. That being said, the v-neck sweater acts best when not acting alone. Pair yours with anything from a plain undershirt and a denim jacket to a button-down shirt and a blazer, and the result will be just as pulled together no matter what. To help you out on your v-neck styling endeavors, read on to see this one sweater worn three ways.

1. The Everyday Cold Weather Classic

Every Day Cold Weather Classic

If you’re ever feeling indecisive about your sweater pairings, just grab your favorite  t-shirt, your most comfortable jeans, a pea coat, and you’re good to go. This components of this outfit are classic and complement each other very well, so you can look put together on even your most casual days.

Sweater, Uniqlo | T-Shirt, Gap | Pea Coat, Topman | Jeans, Need Supply | Boots, Asos | Belt, Fossil | Socks,

2. Business Casual

Business Casual

Sweaters go excellent with ties, under blazers, and thrown over slacks. Make your 9-to-5 duds more memorable with a cool tie, watch, and leather boots. Yes, a sweater can definitely be office-appropriate. Just make sure the fit of your v-neck is not too loose (or likewise, too tight), and that the material is nice (think cotton, cashmere, merino wool) and you’ll be good to go.

Sweater, Uniqlo | Button-Down Shirt, Bonobos | Pants, J. Crew | Boots, Topman | Watch, Ted Baker | Tie, | Socks,

3. The Evening Ensemble

Evening Ensemble

Sweaters are just as appropriate for evenings as they are during your day-to-day. For that date you have coming up, or for dinner with friends, try a v-neck paired with fun prints and/or colors to show off your fashion know-how in a classy way. Here, we’ve paired the sweater with polka dots and paisley, finished off with light blue chinos. When wearing a solid v-neck, you have a lot of freedom to play up patterns and colors. Wearing these pops of color or print underneath your sweater will give your outfit just the right level of personality without going overboard.

 Sweater, Uniqlo | Button-Down Shirt, J. Crew | Chinos, Bonobos | Boots, Asos | Tie,

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