CBD cocktail

Are CBD Drinks All Hype? Evaluating 7 drinks by their taste and effect

Steak with rosemary

The Steak Guide Understanding the difference between different cuts of beef

Celebrity Liquor Brands

Celebrity Liquor Brands: Are They Any Good? Putting Timberlake, Clooney, Drake, and McConaughey through the wringer.

Snacks on table

Easy Appetizers For Your Game Day Party Who says you can't please everyone?

Double cheeseburger

From Blah to Bomb: A Guide to Making A Better Burger Step by step how-to for improving your burger

Potluck snacks

4 Perfect Potluck Dishes: How to Win BBQ Season Easy recipes that are guaranteed crowd-pleasers

man pouring mezcal

Know Your Liquor: Mezcal Smokey, delicious, essential. Why you need to start drink mezcal right now

food in cast Iron Skillet

Basics: Outdoors Cooking Inside With The Cast Iron Pan Cooking like a man with cast iron pans

Tequila shots

5 Drinks You Need to Make This Cinco De Mayo Say goodbye to generic margaritas, and hello to mezcal cocktails

Brewing coffee at campsite

The 4 Best Ways to Brew Coffee On the Go The gear you need to take your brew with you


The 7 Manliest Cocktails Not sure what to order at the bar? Try one of these stiff, classic, manly drinks.

Cup of coffee next to coffee beans

Coffee Showdown: The Best Ways to Brew We break down the pros and cons of our favorite brewing methods

Plate of bacon

Bringing Home the Bacon A history of America's favorite meat-candy

Glass of Limoncello

Limoncello: The Italian Lemon Liqueur Why there's no wrong way to enjoy this famous digestif

Bottle of Campari Liqueur

Know Your Liqueur: Campari How to get the most from this home bar essential

Basil Ginger Drop Martini

The Basil Ginger Drop Martini It may seem like an unlikely pairing but trust us, it's delicious.

Monster Energy Cocktail

Monster Cocktails 5 delightfully low-brow recipes made with Monster Energy drinks

Home Bar

How to Build a Kick-Ass Home Bar Alcohol, mixers, garnishes, bar equipment, and more

Charcuterie Board

How to Assemble a Charcuterie Board The easiest way to entertain

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