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Choosing the Perfect Work From Home Wardrobe

Does working from home make you feel a little stir-crazy? Experts suggest that the simple act of getting dressed can drastically improve your mood and your productivity. On top of that, it pays to stay presentable as you’ll most likely have an increase in communication and digital meetings. 

Your occupation will have a great impact on whether you must continue to suit up or if you’re allowed to have a more casual look. Or maybe you’re unsure about the dress code. Perhaps your style is somewhere in between? Untuckable shirts are versatile, making them great for any occasion. 

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Below the belt is fair game though. In fact, lose the belt!  Relax in your sweatpants while still looking appropriate and professional. Comfy socks are non-negotiable, so treat your feet with a new pair. Take advantage of your at-home style by experimenting with something a bit more fun than your usual foot covering.

Now, more than ever, it is important to stay positive and productive. Your style will lift your spirits by adding a little bit of flair to your workspace. What is your favorite work from home outfit? 

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