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Cold Showers and The Freezing Cold Truth Are cold showers really better?

I’m sure you’ve heard people touting the benefits of a cold shower. In some cases, even acting like it’s the cure-all to everything. So are cold showers really better? Let’s find out.

Cold showers gained popularity from two men in particular. First was an outdoorsman and all-around badass, Dutch Wim Hof. This guy literally climbed a snowy mountain wearing only swim trunks. He touts that building a resistance to cold strengthens our bodies against other things like sickness. stress and disease. Tim Ferris, the author of the 4 Hour Body, supports this, saying that the cold will aid in immune defense. Additionally, places like the National Health Institute and several medical journals have all run tests and came to the same results.

Pretty great so far right? Okay, time for some specifics.


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The Many Benefits of Cold Showers

Benefits of Cold Showers

No More Sore Muscles

Athletes the world overall take time in ice baths to relieve the sore muscles and joints from the pressures of strenuous activities. You can replicate this at home by cranking down to icy cold water. This is particularly helpful after sweat-inducing sessions at the gym.

Cold Therapy for Your Head

Hot showers may feel relaxing but they are anything but for your hair. Warm and hot water damages your hair and strips it of its natural, protective sheen. Turning the heat down allows you to keep your mane clean without causing lasting damage.

Get Cold to Skip the Cold

Cold water has been proven to increase antioxidant levels and help your body regulate its immuno-defense. This compounds by strengthening your body overall to fight against things from the common cold to cancer. So who knows, a cold shower might just save your life one day.

A Boost When You Need It

Testosterone is something every guy needs. One of the most common struggles that men face is a dip in their testosterone. Well, I have some good news, cold showers have been shown to boost those testosterone levels. The thought behind it is that it triggers your body’s fight or flight response. That means both your mood and your libido gets a boost.

This influx of cold also can help fight off depression. It does so by stimulating testosterone and neural pathways, which increases blood flow and endorphins. Not bad huh?

Jump In

The idea of jumping in a punishingly cold shower may sound daunting. In reality, it’s something you can get used to. Take the time to breathe and then just go for it. If you want to test the waters (yes, I know I’m good with puns), take your shower like normal but when it’s time to wash your hair, switch the water to its coldest setting. That boost of cold will not only protect your hair but should give you enough of the aforementioned benefits to make it worth it.

Ready to embrace cold showers? Tell us if you believe the hype in the comments below!

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