Converse High Tops Sneakers: Nailing Lace Up Style Why we love converse high tops and why you should love them too

A good pair of sneakers is something every man should have in their closet. Nothing rings truer than Converse high tops. Whether worn at the skate park or with a casual suit, high tops transcend boundaries. No wonder then that Converse has been pumping out their high tops for almost a hundred years. Paired with any other basics like a black t-shirt or a blazer and the Converse high top is a classic with its finger on the pulse of style trends everywhere.

History of Converse High Tops

History of Converse High Tops

Converse or the Converse Rubber Shoe Company as it was first known, started as early as 1908. Not long after, Converse was switching from galoshes to sneakers. By 1915 high tops were in production. In 1921, they were named the Converse “All-Stars” after basketball player Chuck Taylor endorsed them. From there the shoes became a sensation on and off the court. Worn by athletes and counter-culture icons, the Converse high top is a beloved choice in the men’s footwear game.

Styling Converse High Tops

With Jeans

Converse High Tops and Jeans

Converse high tops and jeans are a no-brainer. The look has been around for decades and by all estimates isn’t going anywhere. It’s casual and trendy and if you’re not already utilizing this look then you should be.

Pair classic all-white high tops with some blue selvedged jeans.

With Chinos

Converse High Tops and Chinos Style

High tops are a godsend when aiming for the smart-casual look. The chinos bring the formal vibes while their straight fit descends down to a pair of stylish high tops. Make sure not to lose the silhouette in a pair of ill-fitting chinos. Tailoring is always your friend.

With Shorts

Converse High Tops and Shorts Style

Your gut reaction to high tops and shorts might be one of total revulsion. Normally, pairing shorts with high ankle shoes should be rejected with unbridled fervor. However, this is not one of those times. High tops and shorts work surprisingly well. I won’t try to explain it, I don’t know why either. They just do. It’s a standout look and one you should definitely try.

With a Suit

Converse High Tops and Suit Style

The minimalist shoe and suit trend is on full-blast. A great addition to this is the converse high top. Pairing a cream colored high top for instance with a blue or olive suit is a cool and smart move. For this look, match your shoes with a t-shirt under the jacket. A tie and button down are no good here.

High Top Colors

Converse High Tops Colors

There are practically no limits to the color choices out there for high tops. The classic white or black are excellent versatile picks. Other solid colors like navy or pink work great to add a pop of color. That being said, don’t be afraid to experiment with this look.

High tops are just like sneakers in that they excel when you’re bold with them. Things like floral prints especially make them shine.

Shop Converse High Tops

There’s a reason Converse names their high tops “All Stars”. Whether you’re going for a unique converse high top or something more traditional, they’ll effortlessly find a place in your style rotation.

How do you wear your converse? Let us know below!