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Converse High Tops: How to Nail Lace Up Style Converse will never die, so you might as well master them

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No matter how polished your nine-to-five look is, every man needs a good pair of sneakers. Sneakers say, “I move,” “I know how to take it easy,” “I get dirty sometimes.” And Converse High Tops, whether worn at the skate park or with a casual suit, are a staple that can transcend boundaries.

That’s why Converse has been around for over a century, riding strong on the pulse of style trends everywhere and even re-entering the NBA scene. 

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Styling Converse High Tops

With Jeans

Converse High Tops and Jeans
Comme Des Garçons

Converse Unisex All Star ’70s High Top Sneakers

  • Rubber sole
  • 100% Textile

Converse high tops and jeans are a no-brainer. This classic pairing is the ultimate on-the-go look. You could be hitting a day party or hopping fences to escape a pack of feral wolves; your High Tops will get you there. If you’re not already utilizing this casual trendy look, do it.

Pair classic all-white high tops with some blue selvedged jeans.

With Chinos

Converse High Tops and Chinos
DG Manila / Anthony Bila

Converse Chucks M7650C White Optical White HI

  • 100% Textile
  • Rubber sole
  • Lace-up, high-top sneaker

Lace up some High Tops if you’re trying to nail “smart-casual.” Imagine a clean pair of straight fit Chinos topped off with edgy Converse; it’s a nice kick, no? Though make sure not to lose the crucial silhouette with a pair of ill-fitting Chinos. Golden rule: tailoring is your friend.

With Shorts

converse high tops and shorts
Shoe Palace

You’d think your gut reaction to High Tops and shorts would be total revulsion. Normally pairing shorts with high-ankle shoes is a straight “nope.” However, this is look defies the laws of convention. It’s standout. I won’t try to explain it, I don’t know why either. High Tops and shorts just work surprisingly well.

With a Suit

Converse High Tops and Suits
Adam Gallagher / D’Marge

Converse Unisex All Star ’70s High Top Sneakers

  • Rubber sole
  • 100% Textile

The minimalist shoe plus suit trend is on full-blast, and a pair of Chucks is instrumental to this high contrast look. For a refreshing, cool aesthetic, try cream colored High Tops with a blue or olive suit. You’ll want to match your shoes with a t-shirt under the jacket. Skip the tie and button-down, they’re no good here.

Brazen High Top Colors

converse high tops colors

When it comes to the Converse color spectrum, you’ve got more than a rainbow. You have a Black Card. There are no limits to color and print versatility, so you best have some fun with it. Classic white and black are excellent staples. Other solid colors like green or pink add a pop of unpredictability.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with this look. High Tops excel when you’re bold with them, and touches like floral or avian print make them shine.

What makes an “All Star”? It’s evident that Converse has the formula. Whether you’re embarking on a cheeky print and color combo, or conquering a classic, the right pair of High Tops will make you will look unstoppable.

A Quick History of Converse High Tops

Original Chuck Taylors Converse High Tops
Attitude Blog

Before sneakers, all shoes made noisy clacks when hitting the floor. The Converse Rubber Shoe Company started in 1908 and had initially specialized in galoshes (waterproof shoes). Not long after, rubber-soled sneakers were invented, and thus came the world’s first swift, silent shoe. At the time these shoes were seen as training footwear for athletes only. But in 1920, Converse renamed their canvas basketball shoes the “All-Star,” and they received a hallmark endorsement by basketball player Charles “Chuck” Taylor. This took Converse into a whole new playing field, off the court.

Timelessly worn by athletes and counter-culture icons, the Converse High Top is an indispensable asset in the men’s footwear game.

How do you wear your Converse? Let us know below

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