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The Making of a Man Cave We're offering inspiration to create the ultimate sanctuary

“Man cave.” What’s that, you ask? Think of the infamous bat cave, but on a smaller scale (unless you’re Bruce Wayne, or have a lot of money to blow). A few years ago, the term “man cave” was even added to the official dictionary, so you probably know by now that if you don’t have one, you should. The man cave is a concept near and dear to most men’s hearts, a room designed for personal hobbies and leisure activities, a room that inspires creativity and relaxation, a sanctuary away from the everyday minutiae of life. Who wouldn’t want that? Yeah, nobody, that’s who.

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There are a few standard things that every man should include in his man cave, such as a desk, lounge chairs, and a TV, perhaps. But the rest is up to you. Fill your space with whatever suits your fancy, and we implore you to get creative and design a space that’s undoubtedly you. If you’re short on space and don’t have an extra room, your garage could be an equally solid solution if you paint the garage floor and add furniture. To help you determine how to deck out your own space, check out our list of the most popular ways to lay out a man cave based on your most cherished interests.

Sports Star

Deck The Den: Sports Star

You can’t live without Sunday Night football. You never TiVo. “Watch Later” is not a mantra you live by. Hockey season is just as important to you as Spring or Summer. If you’re looking for a place to get your head in the game, look no further. Get your football fantasy game on in the room of your dreams and proudly display all of your sports memorabilia. Or tee up – if you’re really feeling it and have the means to do so, some companies offer installation of indoor golf courses. Whatever sport you’re passionate about, there’s no debating you’ll need a nice flat screen TV to watch the game with all of your buddies, so seating space and a viewing area is a must. The classic man cave is also never complete without a billiards table so you can have a round of pool and a round of drinks at the same time. Now that’s a win.

Lover of All Things Nerdy

Deck the Den: Lover of All things Nerdy

You’re the go-to guy when your friends are debating whether or not to see the latest superhero movie. You don’t mess around when it comes to Well, this is the room for you, but you probably already knew that because you’re always on top of the latest news. So, comic book wall, anyone? Or how about a Death Star movie theater (yes, this actually exists). And who needs wallpaper when you can plaster a room from top to bottom with movie posters from all of your most beloved blockbusters. Satisfy your inner geek by surrounding yourself with memorabilia from all your favorite fandoms. If you’ve got some disposable income, you can even buy yourself an R2-D2 Replica that doubles as a planetarium to give your space a little mood lighting. Get the room you deserve, not the one you need.

Gamer’s Paradise

Deck the Den: Gamer's Paradise

Did you do your finger flexing exercises this morning? Are you dreaming of the day that virtual reality becomes an actual reality? A game room could be the perfect fit, because you don’t mess around when it comes to games. Step one for creating a perfect game room: a giant TV. Pair it with the console – or consoles – of your choice, a comfortable seating area, and you’ve found the recipe for the room of any gamer’s dreams.  Load up the room with plenty of snacks, drinks, and game-related decor for an entirely immersive experience.

Film Fanatic

Deck the Den: Film Fanatic

Are you an aspiring cinematographer or a pro Netflix binge watcher? Do you find yourself searching for the next great movie to watch in your down time? Do you frequent midnight premieres so you can say you saw it first? If this is you, you know there’s nothing like going to the movie theater… unless that movie theater is in your house. A movie theater-style room can be achieved no matter what your budget is by simply setting up some strategically-placed seating and a TV so everyone can watch your selection of flicks in style. If you lack a TV, a projector, a sheet, and your laptop are all you need for your next great movie marathon. Add the finishing touches by hanging movie posters on the walls.  And no movie room would be complete without theater snacks. Splurge on a popcorn machine. You’ll be glad you did.


Deck the Den: Outdoorsman

Do you always choose the window seat? Got your eye on an “I’d rather be fishing” license plate frame? Do you spend your weekends hiking, climbing, or biking around for fun? Let’s face it, you’re the kind of guy who’d rather be doing anything outdoors. But if you absolutely must be inside, might as well channel your adventurous spirit in a room suited perfectly to your tastes. Dark oak furniture and pieces inspired by the great outdoors will make you feel right at home whenever you’re not on your latest adventure. Any room can get a breath of fresh air by bringing in a few of your favorite outdoor elements, whether it be wall art (antlers, anyone?), a lamp with great natural lighting, or a sheepskin throw rug. You can tell anyone that doesn’t like it to take a hike (pun intended).

Car Enthusiast

Deck the Den: Car Enthusiast

Maybe you’re dreaming of the day when you can finally get that Lambo you’ve always wanted. Your face lights up a little whenever the conversation turns toward cars. Well, your garage doesn’t have to be the only place in the house meant for automobile appreciation. If cars are your forte, then kick it into gear with some motor memorabilia to decorate your space. Old tires can be repurposed into seats, and old license plates make for rustic and affordable decor. Add even more style to your car-themed man cave by making the whole room 1950’s-inspired with old cars and vintage photos. If your man cave happens to be your actual garage, what better way to decorate it than this?

Music Aficionado

Deck the Den: Music Afficionado

If the idea of a room dedicated to rocking out is music to your ears, then this is the room for you. Sure, a bit of peace and quiet is nice – but a room that you can jam to your favorite tunes in could be even nicer. A record wall featuring a collection of your favorite hits can orchestrate the look of the entire room, and a good sound system is a must. If your man cave is going to double as a practice room for your latest compilations, you can even soundproof your room. Bring in guitars, drums, and all that jazz to live out your rockstar fantasies.

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