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How To Downsize Your Wallet It's time to slim down your oversized wallet

It’s all too common to see men walking around with bulges in their pants—and not the good kind. I’m talking giant, overstuffed and cumbersome wallets. If you’re one of these offenders, it’s time to see the light and put your wallet on a diet.

There are many reasons you need to pare down. For example, when it comes time to pay the bill on your date, you don’t want to be fumbling through a big mess. An over-sized wallet can also affect your health: it can cause bad posture, sciatica and back pain. Ain’t nobody got time for that! One of the worst consequences of an unwieldy billfold is that it just looks bad.  Having a slim wallet will keep you looking polished and in control.

So, for the sake of your style, health, and dignity, follow these steps to downsize your wallet and upgrade your life.

Table of Contents

1. Dump Everything Out

Most likely, you have a bunch of junk you didn’t even know you was still there. Clear out all that B.S. Any important receipts or business cards—keep them in your files or stored in your phone. Leave the coins in the tip jar and throw out those old 7-11 taquito receipts, you big slob.

2. Select Your Top 2-4 Cards

These should be your essentials, cards you use every day or at least every week, i.e. credit cards, ID, health care card. Any other important cards can be kept in your glove compartment or at home.

3. Eliminate Membership Cards

Club cards, store cards, frequent flyer cards—for most of these, all you need is the membership number. Just save the numbers into your phone and keep the cards at home (or in the trash). Many stores, such as pharmacies, also offer the smaller keychain-compatible versions of their cards.

4. Pick the Right Wallet

It’s time to ditch your big, beat-up wallet and slim down. The more excess space you have, the more junk you’ll end up filling it with. Pick one of these great wallets and fill it with only the essentials.


Thin wallets from J. Crew, Of a Kind X Jaqet, J Fold, Valextra, TGT, Fossil, and Jack Spade

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