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Easy Appetizers For Your Game Day Party Who says you can't please everyone?

Fall is a magical season. Deep orange seeps into green, first chills forewarn the close of another year, and people unite passionately to watch one 250-pound man body slam another in his mission to obtain an oblong, cowhide ball.

If you’re hosting a game watching party this season, create a festive setting where everyone is merry and well-fed, regardless of where their bets are placed. Here are easy elegant appetizers that’ll one-up a last minute trip to Costco.

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Classic Appetizers For a Crowd

These Hall of Famers are easily shared at game day gatherings. Who says you can’t impress everyone with these easy appetizers?

Guacamole Made Exotic

easy appetizers guacamole
Food and Wine

Guacamole is the ultimate party dip. It’s fresh ingredients and bold flavor make it the perfect side or spread for pretty much any protein and carb. And, it’s even considered healthy.

Add some extra zest to this all-time classic with cumin. This aromatic spice in the parsley family is found in Middle Eastern and Asian dishes, especially Indian curry. Cumin has a nutty, earthy and savory flavor, and it comes with various health benefits like improving digestion and lowering cholesterol. Add it to some guac, and you’ve got a banger.

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The Ultimate Flavor-Packed Finger Food

easy appetizers stuffed potatoes
Taste of Home

This classic appetizer has two champion attributes:
1) No utensils needed
2) Edible casing

As finger food champs, stuffed potatoes combine creamy, gooey goodness with the crunch of all-American spuds. These miniature bowls of flavor may not be the most avant-garde dish, but they’ll be the first to go at any party. This simple appetizer is easy to make, and easier to devour.

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An Hors-d’oeuvre that Looks Like a Painter’s Palette

Easy Appetizers Cheese Board
Food Network

Consisting of edible bits laid out like a work of art, cheese boards are the king of simple excellence. It really comes down to the freshness and quality of ingredients on the plate. This straightforward appetizer is fun in its sheer versatility, allowing for fresh and dried fruits, spreads, and foreign cheeses to share real estate on the same board. It definitely beats out microwaved hot pockets.

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Easy Appetizers for Meat Lovers

Meat dishes are a heavy hitter, but they’re often difficult to prepare. Here are some quick and easy recipes for your red-blooded, meat-loving, sports-watching friends.

Million-Dollar Meatballs that Go Beyond Ikea

easy appetizers swedish meatballs
Bon App├ętit

Regardless of where your couch is from, Swedish meatballs deserve more credit than existing within the Ikea empire. These delicious balls of meat get their distinctive flavor from nutmeg and a bit of sweetness, along with a rich gravy sauce.

Guess which King took the meatball back from Turkey to Sweden. Not King James, but King Charles XII of Sweden. Talk about a notable first quarter (of the 18th century)!

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Easy Keto Appetizer–A Bacon-Wrapped Superfood

easy appetizers bacon-wrapped brussel sprouts
Food Network

How do you get a carnivore to eat his vegetables? Wrap ’em in bacon.

Brussel sprouts are an incredibly nutrient-rich food filled with antioxidants, omega-3, vitamin K, and fiber. But you don’t need to bore your guests with the details. Their taste buds, and internal organs, will thank you when you serve them this delicious crunch wrapped in smoked pig fat.

There’s a reason why Brussel sprouts have gained increased popularity on menus across the country. No shame in being a bandwagon fan for this easy appetizer.

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Sloppy Joes for a Flawless Play

Easy Appetizers for game day Sloppy Joes
Taste of Home

Parties can get sloppy sometimes. Let’s hope it’s your food and not your old college roommate who’s making the mess. Sloppy Joes are the perfect one-two punch of meat and sauce, and they’re overwhelmingly simple to make.

Combine two party favorites by making your slop with pizza sauce, oregano, and mozzarella. Pizza Sloppy Joe, you say? No one will miss the delivery guy–or the frozen food aisle. This easy appetizer will have them wondering whether it really is just that easy to make something so delicious.

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Easy Appetizers for Vegetarians

Shout out to all the non-meat eaters who are just as beefy and impassioned as their meat-loving counterparts. Regardless of whether you’re team veggie or team steak, though, everyone will enjoy these irresistible meatless options.

Level Up with Savory Stuffed Mushrooms

easy appetizers stuffed mushrooms
Vegetarian Times

Ah, the stuffed potato’s tamer sister: she can’t shotgun a beer, but hey, she wouldn’t get bored at a museum.

These portobellos stuffed with farro and goat cheese are an absolute knockout. Mushrooms have seen a resurgence on menus everywhere as a substitute for burger patties , but the truth is, these meaty superfoods are delicious on their own terms. Be sure to make enough servings, because meat eaters will be grabbing for these stuffed caps too.

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No Bake Rolls that Taste of Spring

Easy Appetizers Spring Rolls
Chickpea Magazine

Nope, no green juice served here. But you will have spring rolls that can rival those on any trendy, organic, raw, whatever-the-heck-else cafe menus.

These unique, cookless spring rolls combine fresh vegetables and exotic flavors. Watch out though: if you’re trying to limit game time gab, you might want to reconsider making dishes that are so good they warrant conversation. This clean, light appetizer is the perfect addition to your playoffs spread.

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Asian-inspired Deviled Eggs

Easy Appetizers Deviled Eggs
Cooking Light

The Russian-hosted World Cup may be long over, but you don’t have to stop serving Russian eggs. These quick and easy eggs pumped with a blended yolk mix are the classic finger food for cocktail parties and holiday gatherings.

Who says old dishes can’t be taught new tricks? Add miso to your deviled eggs for an elegant, keto-friendly appetizer.

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A Classic Around the World

Easy Appetizers Bruschetta
Taste of Home

Soccer isn’t the only thing Italians and Americans have a shared love for. Neither is Versace. Enter bruschetta: fresh diced tomatoes doused in olive oil and vinegar and served on crispy baguette slices.

Protip: make a smaller batch of tomato mix without parmesan for the vegans–every party has a few of them hiding away (that is, if they’re not preaching about their diet choices) who are snacking on plain bread and chips. Small adjustments ensure that everyone is included on your team.

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Now that you have a full menu of options for game day snacks, it’s time to figure out drinks. Read next: How To Pair Beer & Food

What teams are you rooting for? Let us know in the comments below!

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