Fall Wedding Style Guide Slip on your dancing shoes and look good this fall

Summer might be over, but the wedding invitations from your friends seem to keep rolling in all year-long. Who knew you even had that many friends looking to get married, right? The bride and groom probably have their outfits down to the button detail planned already, but what about your outfit? What will you be wearing? The plan is to stand out without outshining the main event (the newlyweds, of course). Follow our tips below, and who knows, you might just attract your future wife.


You’ll find that wedding colors change year after year; it simply depends on what happens to be trending. You’ll usually be able to find these colors with a a simple Pinterest search, but there are general ideas you can follow otherwise. Fall colors are more understated than summer and spring colors. Think bright colors for hot weather (light blues, reds, pastels, etc.) and cool, subdued, rich colors for cold weather (brown, reds, and yellows in darker tones, rich blues, earth tones, and jewel tones). As always, you can’t go wrong with a classic navy or gray get-up, but if you’re looking to stand out, consider something like a rich brown or subtle burgundy suit this fall.


fall wedding style pattern

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Checks and plaids can be your best friend when it comes to fall weddings. However, we’d recommend straying from a fully patterned suit, as it might distract the party from the groom. Although they are available in understated colors, they do command a lot of attention. Instead, opt for one piece with a pattern, be it your shirt, jacket, or one of your accessories. Keep in mind that you should contrast that item with the rest of your outfit.


fall wedding style fabric

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Wedding or not, the cooler months are the perfect time to play with textures. This is when you can wear any and every type of fabric without sweating bullets. We say this because you can essentially layer to your heart’s content. Within one outfit you can wear upwards of four types of fabrics and still keep your figurative and literal cool.

Think about how the colors and patterns work across this outfit. Colors need to be complementary, while with patterns (unless you’ve mastered pattern mixing), you should stick to a single bold one. The idea is simple. Simply work with 4 different fabrics, spread across your jacket, tie, and shirt, with one of them in a bold pattern. For example, a heathered brown suit, a grey houndstooth waistcoat (this is the one pattern), over a plain white shirt, and a grenadine navy blue tie.


Of course, you can always wear your favorite pair of oxfords, but they’ll have their time to shine year-round. It’s fall! Break out your wingtip or chelsea boots, give them a shine, and depending on your outfit, black or tan leather will never let you down.


Source: Articles of Style


With these things in mind, we’re confident that you’ll be a hit (next to the bride and groom) at the next wedding you attend. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your bride. Or are we speaking too soon?