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Fall Wedding Style Guide Top looks for both guests and grooms this autumn

Summer may be peak wedding season, but lately, it seems invitations are rolling in for the fall as well. Colder weather calls for an update to your wedding style. We’re talking deeper tones, heavier fabrics, and our favorite style device — layering.

Follow our style tips for autumn weddings and you might just attract your future wife.

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Color trends may come and go, but there are a few palettes that stand the test of time. Fall colors are more understated than their summer and spring counterparts.

Put away the pastels and go for subdued, rich colors instead.  Take a cue from the changing leaves with brown, reds, and yellows in darker tones. Rich blues, earth tones, and jewel tones also shine at this time of year.

As always, you can’t go wrong with a classic navy or gray get-up. However, if you’re looking to stand out try a rich brown or bold burgundy suit this fall.


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Applying autumn colors to classic prints immediately adds dimension to your wedding look. Checks and plaids are great on a statement piece such as a blazer. We’d recommend straying from a fully patterned suit, as it might distract the party from the groom.

A stripe or floral in darker tone will also look right at home on your chest during the colder months. Choose one and fully commit to it — mixing patterns can be too complicated with different fabrics involved as well.


fall wedding style fabric

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The cooler months are the perfect time to play with textures — and weddings are the perfect excuse to break out something more formal.

Think about how the colors and patterns work across your outfit. Colors should be complimentary, but mixing fabrics isn’t quite as complicated.

Some of our favorites include tweed, flannel, or velvet depending on the dress code of the wedding you’re attending. These heavier fabrics will keep you warm while also adding some visual interest to your getup.

Another great place to switch up the fabric in your outfit is with the tie. Try a cotton style for a ceremony that’s more cozy and casual or a knit tie if you want to take your fabric game up a notch. 

Fall in Love

Next time you’re invited to a wedding in September through November, don’t reach for your navy suit. Fall weddings are the perfect opportunity to don that bold-colored suit or a fabric you wouldn’t wear to the office. Embrace autumn style as you celebrate a joyous occasion.

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