But do you really need five reasons?

“In what might be a case of convoluted logic, data suggests it takes an above-average income and education to drive what, by all measures, is one of the least practical cars on the road. That would be a convertible…”

Jim Gorzelany, Forbes

why you need a convertible

Alpha Male

#5. The Tan Plan

Establish and maintain your bronze without salons, beaches, or goo. Drive yourself cocoa.


#4. Vista Magnifica

Enjoy the scene and the scenery as never before. What roof ever improved a sunrise, sunset, or landscape? Your sense of place – and your sense of direction – will improve immediately.


#3. Each Trip A Tour

Commutes become nicer. Beep-and-creep congestion becomes easier to bear. Hopping into the cockpit of a cabrio changes everything. Happier drivers are not necessarily safer drivers, but sad drivers are worse drivers — and it isn’t easy being miserable in a convertible.


#2. Wish-Fulfillment

You’ve always wanted one. Do not let failure to purchase become a regret.


#1. It’s A Convertible

Few things are as cool. Don’t over-think it.


How to Tie a Men's Scarf


We came up with five reasons within as many minutes. The nerdy nurse offers nine — and when has a nurse ever steered you wrong? Driving one already? Well, now you need a well-knotted scarf. Read this. Tie a City Slicker knot, and avoid doing an Isadora Duncan.


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