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Five Reasons to Buy a Convertible As if you really need five reasons in the first place

“In what might be a case of convoluted logic, data suggests it takes an above-average income and education to drive what, by all measures, is one of the least practical cars on the road. That would be a convertible.
— Jim Gorzelany, Forbes

Table of Contents

 1. The Tan Plan, Man

Establish and maintain your bronze without salons, beaches, or goo. Drive yourself cocoa.

2. Vista Magnifica

shelby cobra

Enjoy the scene and the scenery as never before. What roof ever improved a sunrise, sunset, or landscape? Your sense of place — and your sense of direction — will improve immediately.

3. Each Trip a Vacation

Porsche Boxster GTS convertible

Commutes become nicer. Beep-and-creep congestion becomes easier to bear. Hopping into the cockpit of a Cabrio changes everything. Happier drivers are not necessarily safer drivers, but sad drivers are worse drivers — and it ain’t easy being miserable in a convertible.

4. Wish-Fulfillment, No Regrets

jaguar e series convertible

You’ve always wanted one. Do not let failure to purchase become a regret.

5. C’mon, it’s a Convertible

vintage mustang convertible_01

Few things are as cool. Don’t over-think it.

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FAQ About Convertibles

Can you drive a convertible through a car wash?
With the top closed (obviously), most convertible cars can actually go through a car wash normally. You could make sure that your car’s company has confirmed that though, just to be on the safe side.

Do convertibles cost more to insure?
Since convertibles on average cost more than normal cars, then it would make sense that on average they’d cost more to insure. However, you could always opt for a cheaper model to save on your insurance.

How do you maintain a convertible top?
Rinse the top with water, but make sure that the top is made of waterproof material before you do so. Afterwards spray it with a cleaner, and brush on it lightly while making sure that it is getting cleaned.

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