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How to Get the Best Wedding Suit A Guide for Grooms, Groomsmen and Everyone In-Between

Wedding season is both an exciting and stressful time. For grooms, you prepare to enter one of the most important stages in your life. For groomsmen, you said goodbye to yet another trusty wingman. Either way, it’s a big day for everyone. To make the most out of this day, your suit needs to be on point. Whether you’re a groom, groomsman or just another guest, we’ve got you covered when it comes to choosing the right wedding suit.

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Her Dress Matters to your Style

Mens wedding Suits: Bride and Groom Style

Guys, it can be easy to get carried away when you’re finally given the appropriate chance to look like James Bond. Don’t forget that this is her big day. Your job is to compliment her dress, not eclipse it. So take into account how formal her dress is, it’s color and things like its design. These should all factor into how you dress.

It’s your Day Too

Men's Wedding Suit Style

While keeping your bride the center of attention is probably good for more reasons than one, you obviously want to look your best too. So when it comes to the groomsmen, make sure they’re looking dapper but don’t forget that it’s you who’s the star in the tux. It’s your wedding, so it should be apparent that you’re the leading man.

Know the Venue

Mens Wedding Suit Style for a Casual Venue

Weddings have moved well beyond the classic church venue. Many couples opt for having their special day in all sorts of places, from gardens to beaches. Where your venue is, undoubtedly influences your style choices. Imagine yourself wearing a jet black tux in the middle of a sunny day on a beach. Yeah, bad move. Being a fashionable groom really is made or broken here.

Tailoring, Tailoring, Tailoring

Wedding Suit Tailored Styles for Men
Icon Suits

Textured Solid Navy Blue Knit Skinny Tie

A knit so bold, it stands alone. This street-to-office style is redefining the menswear game.

If you read the articles on our site or have even a basic understanding of men’s fashion, then you’ll understand that fit is everything. With all eyes on you and your bride, you need that fit to be impeccable. No matter how great your suit or tux fits off the rack, tailoring is crucial to getting rest of the way.

If you’re wondering how your suit should fit, here’s how to know. First, put your arms down at your side. Your knuckles should be even with your jacket and your sleeves just meeting your wrist. Second, the top button of a two-piece or the middle button of a three-piece suit should be below your navel. It’s a suit, not a turtleneck. Next, a bit of your shirt cuff should hang out, if your jacket’s arms are covering it then they’re too long. Lastly, there should be a bit of a break between your pants and your shoes. A one inch break is optimal.

Keep it Classy and Timeless

Traditional Mens Wedding Suit Styles

You’ve probably seen some bad wedding pictures (your parent’s perhaps). In all likelihood, it’s because they decided to go with something trendy and bold rather than evergreen. Listen closely gents. Keep things classy and timeless.

Black, navy, and grey are all good color choices. If you decide to break away from that, it’s fine, just be careful. That pink suit might seem like a good idea at the moment, but a decade down the line, you’ll be in awe that you made such a stupid choice.

The same principals apply with formal styles. Sticking to ones with peak lapels will do you a world of favors.


Groomsmen Style Mens Weddings

Grainger Navy Blue Self-tie Bow Tie

This timeless paisley in a swirl of earth tones is casual yet sophisticated. The Grainger bow tie will add some serious style-cred to your everyday style.

Alright, guys, this is your boy’s big day so you’ve got a couple of duties. First is to put your egos aside and make the groom look as good as possible, proper wedding etiquette is important. Second is to look pretty snazzy yourself. Weddings are an excellent pickup location for my single gents out there, so dress to impress. Here are some tips on making the most out of that day.

Coordination is Key (or is it?)

Wedding Suit outfits for Coordinated Groomsmen

Cortland Navy Blue Tie

Turn it up to 11 with the Cortland tie. This unique woven style is unlike anything else in your closet.

Every wedding seems to have all the groomsmen sporting the exact same suit. They end up looking more like a cover band for Nsync rather than a well-dressed team of best mates.

Coordination is all about accentuating the main man. I think we can all agree that no one wants to go out and buy a bright teal suit that you’re only ever going to wear once. The goal is to have colors match a piece of the grooms clothing. Think jacket matching his tie. It’s a subtle nod without beating everyone over the head with the obvious fact that you are groomsmen.

If that’s too boring, instead plan to have a general matching aesthetic. One where certain colors or designs trend across every man in the groomsmen party.

Keep Things Minimal

Mens Wedding Suits with Minimalist Style

This isn’t your chance to walk down the red carpet. Keep it classy and minimal. Now is not the time to try out that new bolo you picked up. Match your colors, utilize simple ties and accessories. You’ll stand out for your ability to stay reserved.


Mens Wedding Suits that are Versitile

Misool Black Self-tie Bow Tie

Reminisce about your summer weekends spent in an island resort with the Misool tie. Made with silk, this black tie will take you back to your best dog days!

If you are going out to buy a new suit for the wedding, make the most of your money. Pick one that can be used time and time again, whether that be for work, special occasions or even other weddings.

Everyone Else

Attire for Men at Weddings

So you didn’t make groomsmen status. That’s okay, at least you got an invite. Just because you aren’t on center stage, doesn’t mean weddings aren’t a great place to dress up your style. Here are some tips for making sure you stay a welcome guest and not transforming into a wedding crasher.

Skip the Black Suit

Mens Alternatives to Black Suits for Weddings

Black suits at weddings are like drunk cousins. There’s way too many. Going out on a limb here, I’d bet that ninety percent of the other men at the wedding is going to be wearing a black suit. Maybe, maybe they’ll venture into a navy one. Soon the wedding ends up looking like a funeral rather than a celebration (that may or may not confirm your attitudes towards the pairing of the bride and groom). Either way, the same dress code stipulations don’t quite apply to you.

Go for something more interesting like an olive or khaki suit. Colors work well here as long as they’re muted. Standing out a little bit is good, standing out because of your neon green get-up is not.

When in Doubt, Go Formal

Formal Mens Wedding Suits

Everything seems to be getting more casual these days. Men everywhere are dressing down suits with t-shirts and sneakers. I’m going to suggest that for a wedding, don’t do that. Thing is, it may work or it might not. If the wedding has been stated to be a casual affair, then there’s probably no problem going this route. Otherwise, err on the side of caution.

Weddings are a formal occasion. Honestly, how often do you have the opportunity to dress all-out? If you’re like me, then not all that often. So why not pull-out every stop?

Best Brands for Buying a Suit

Everyman J Crew Suits

J-Crew Mens Wedding Suits
J-Crew Mens Suits

I hope you’re all already familiar with J-Crew because they’re making some of the best, easiest to buy suit style on the market. Quality materials and reasonable prices, combined with timeless styles and modern colors. J-Crew’s Ludlow suits are a must buy for your wedding suit.

Shop Here:

Conservative Charm with Banana Republic Wedding Suits

Mens Wedding Suits from Banana Republic
Banana Republic Mens Suits

In recent years, Banana Republic has really been upping their game when it comes to men’s suits. Thier new emphasis on wedding attire has only spurred this further. If you’re veering conservative, Banana Republic is a good choice. Their navy and brown suits are exceptional for pulling off the subtle but confident look.

Shop Here:

Game Changing Suit Style with Dsquared2

Dsquared2 Mens Suits for Weddings
Dsquared2 Men’s Suits

DSQUARED2 Men’s Wool Charcoal Two Button Suit

  • Wool,Elastane
  • Button closure
  • Material: 95% Wool 5% Elastane

Canadians might not be the first people you think of when it comes to impeccable tailoring and stylish suits. Dsquared2 is changing that, however. Founded by two Canadian designers, they’ve been revolutionizing the wedding suit game for over a decade. Focusing on expert designs and attention to detail, allows them to rival some of the best fashion houses in England and Italy.

Shop Here:

Saint Laurent Slim Fit Suits

Saint Laurent Mens Suits for Weddings
Saint Laurent Mens Suits

If you’re like me, clothes that hang a little tighter to your body just work better. For guys with slimmer physiques, lots of suits and tuxes can be drowning you in their excess fabrics. While many other brands have moved away from slimmer fits, Saint Lauren is still going strong. If you’re going for a suit that’ll fit you like a glove and steal the hearts of every bridesmaid in a hundred mile area, look no further.

Shop Here:

Modern Tom Ford Wedding Suits and Tuxs

Tom Ford Mens Suits for Weddings
Tom Ford Men’s Suits

Tom Ford is a menswear icon for a reason. His clothes capture the perfect balance of manliness with sophistication. The suits and tuxes especially fit this description. Focusing on contemporary cuts and designs, Tom Ford suits should definitely be considered in planning your wedding attire.

Shop Here:

Nailing the Wedding Suit Game

Mens Best Wedding Suit Styles

Weddings are the time to dress in the best of men’s fashion. There’s nothing like the sophistication of tuxes or a wedding suit. Keep things sharp with tailoring and use your best judgment. With our tips in mind, choosing a wedding suit is a piece of cake.

Are you ready for wedding season? Let us know how you’re suiting up!

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