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Graduation Day Gift Guide Finding the perfect gift for his next steps

Sleepless nights spent studying, heavy books to carry, pressure from homework, and exams tension —all of this ends once that diploma is in his hands. It’s time to open champagne and celebrate this new life stage.

College graduates are ready to say goodbye to school and start a brand new chapter of their life. They’re starting a new life adventure. Make sure to give him a special gift that’ll this very important moment worth it.

We made this men gift guide to help you to find the perfect gift to tell your son, grandson, friend, nephew or any love-one grads, how much you’re proud of them and show them you’re supporting him in this exciting new period of life.

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A gift to enter the professional world

An inspiring book, on Amazon $14

J. Kelly Hoey

Leaving college is a stressful time. The ocean of responsibilities and new experiences come rushing in. No longer are there the comfortable confines of academic institutions. Finding yourself during this period can be especially difficult. But ultimately it’s necessary.

What change is more disorienting then entering the work world. In this guide, Hoey teaches readers how to properly leverage professional relationships to help your career and how to build connections that last.

A tie and a tie bar,

A great tie is tied to professionalism (pun intended). A man can only buy so many suits, so a tie keeps things fresh. Get that professionalism rolling with a classic silk tie.  

A suit, J. Crew $425


Whether or not the job requires a suit, there will no doubt be the occasion for it. This is a no-brainer when looking for graduation gifts. The suit is a hallmark of the transition into adulthood.

For starter suits, J-Crew makes some of the best. Quality materials and stylish designs keep the look youthful. No one wants to show up to their first day of work looking like they’re wearing one of their dad’s old suits. J-Crew’s reasonable pricing seals the deal.

A professional briefcase, Nordstrom $498


With college over, it’s time to shrug off the old backpack. This ruddy leather briefcase will nail professionalism while keeping things organized (hopefully).


Office life can suffocate style at certain jobs. Sometimes there are strict rules about suits and tie colors, further damping self-expression. Cufflinks can bring life back into the look. There’s a nearly endless number of styles to choose from so no matter the personality of your graduate, there’s a cufflink to fit.

Timeless gifts

A Swiss watch, Tissot $395


Watches are the perfect piece of men’s accessorizing. They combine function with style, making them something every man should wear. A timeless design will carry through the years, making it a treasured and signature piece.

A Montblanc ballpoint pen, Montblanc $420


While most work is done these days on the computer, there are still the occasions where writing by hand is a necessity. So why not look good doing it. The timeless ballpoint pen of Montblanc is the perfect gift to start a professional life.

A timeless black leather wallet, Hugo Boss $135

Hugo Boss

With college done it’s time to upgrade that style as well. Don’t forget to include wallets in that renovation. A classy, leather wallet should do the trick.

A gift to remember

Skydiving, starting at $99

Graduating college can seem like diving into the great unknown. So how about diving out of an airplane first to get you acquainted with the feeling.

A Polaroid camera, Amazon $100


Taking time to travel the world is something all college grads should try to do. Those trips can create memories that’ll last a lifetime. Make sure there are plenty of pictures to remember them. While every phone has a camera on it, there’s just something more charming about a polaroid.

Gifts for every day

New laptop, Apple $1,299


After years of school, his old laptop must have to go through a lot. A new laptop will get his new career started off right. Not only is it a useful gift but you’ll be sure to make him happy.

A coffee machine, Nespresso on Amazon $150

Millenials are crazy about caffeine. As they move onto owning their own homes, they’ll need the perfect design and trendy coffee machine that’ll hype their kitchen. Just make sure to warn him that caffeine must be consumed in moderation!

A suitcase, Samsonite $100


Is he gonna take a holiday gap before starting working? Discover the world while he still young and free. Well, he might need a solid carry-on though…

Help him start his new life

We’re sure whatever gift you choose, will make him happy on this very special day. Now it’s time to let him enter into adulthood. Let’s celebrate!

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