Holiday cocktails

5 Holiday Drinks to Make this Winter Warm up with these festive cocktails

It’s a cold night, and you’re looking for something to warm you up.  Whether it be at an office holiday party or just a chilly night in with friends, there are lots of great winter cocktails to do just that.  Finding the right holiday drinks can make all the difference between in your holiday season.  Below, you’ll find a list of some of our favorites.

Mulled Wine


Wine is one of those drinks that is great any month out of the year.  In those chilly winter months, mulled wine evokes those quintessential memories of the holidays.  Evoking all those great winter spices, like cardamom and cinnamon, mulled wine is a quintessential cold weather drink of choice.

Recipe: Mulled Wine

Irish Coffee


Irish Coffees can get a bad rap as tacky. That being said, they’re actually great when it’s cold outside and you need something to warm you up and give you a boost.  Instead of opting for one with baileys or Kahlua, try your Irish coffee the proper way, with whiskey, heavy cream, and fresh mint.

Recipe: Irish Coffee

Rob Roy


Named after the Scottish hero himself, a Rob Roy is your typical Manhattan but spiked with Scotch rather than whiskey or bourbon.  The Scotch adds that much-needed warming element to the cocktail and transforms the typical Manhattan into a winter drink.  Top it off with a cherry (for health reasons), and you’re good to go.

Recipe: Rob Roy



A negroni just screams sophistication and conjures images of sitting in a fancy bar a hundred floors up or being on the set of Mad Men.  Something about the bitter notes contrasting with the sweet Vermouth makes the negroni a step above your typical cocktail.  However, a negroni can seem very summery.  Swap out the gin for something like rye whiskey and you’ll have a perfect winter aperitif.

Recipe: 1794 Cocktail



You had to know this was coming.  No holiday season would be complete without watching at least one of your relatives get completely sloshed off the eggnog.  The classic eggnog is creamy, soothing and endlessly adaptable. Kick it up a notch with rum, bourbon, or cognac for all those warm, fuzzy (boozy?) holiday feelings.

Recipe: Eggnog

Have fun with what you’re sipping on this winter, whether you’re partial to a subtle negroni or an all-out holiday-infused eggnog. Of course,  there are no specific rules to what makes a winter cocktail, and this list is by no means an end-all-be-all.  Reach for dark liquors and rich, warm flavors for a strong drink that’ll keep you coming back for more all season long.

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