Holiday Gift Guide 2016 Our ultimate picks for this gift-giving season

Wrapped Christmas present

Once again, it’s the holiday season.  While the cold weather and parties have us excited, the struggles of gift buying is always on our minds.  If we were to guess, it’s probably on your mind too.  The process of buying a gift is a stressful one.  You want to get something thoughtful and practical without breaking the bank. We get it.  Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of some of the best products out there. Whether they’re for your best friend, your dad, or even yourself, here are our top picks of cool gifts anyone would be stoked to receive.

AeroPress Coffee Maker, Aerobie

Aeropress Coffee Maker

There’s little better than waking up on a cold winter morning to a warm cup of coffee… unless that cup of coffee comes from one of the most well-received coffee makers out there.  Then it’s much better.  Aerobie’s AeroPress Coffee Maker is the perfect gift for those caffeine addicts in your life.  

Buy it here for $29.95.


Life Straw

Originally created to provide developing countries with the ability to extract clean drinking water from any water source, LifeStraw has become an essential item for any outdoorsman.  Simply place the straw in any water source while you’re out on the trails and it’ll filter out all the junk, leaving you with clean drinking water.

Buy it here for $24.95.

Beard Conditioner, Stubble and Stache

Beard Conditioner

Growing a beard can be difficult.  All bets are that the men in your life could use some help.  The beard conditioner from Stubble and Stache is your solution.  Founded by a marine to honor his fallen buddy, Stubble and Stache is not only a great brand but has a great story behind it as well.  Made with premium products and considered one of the best grooming gifts out there by sites like Esquire and Washington Post, the beard conditioner from Stubble and Stache is our top pick for those grooming aficionados.  

Buy it here for $34.00.

Spices, The Reluctant Trading Experiment

Spices Set

For the guy that just can’t stop talking about–and cooking–great food, look no further than the spices from The Reluctant Trading Experiment.  Their spice mixes cover a huge range of cuisines and dishes, allowing for pretty much endless experimentation.  Best part is, you can claim some of the credit for the amazing food since you did buy the spices.  

Buy it here for $19.50.

Makore & Red Sanders Watch, Analog Watch Co

Wooden Watch

Every man should own a great watch. Take it one step further and give the gift of a timepiece that’s artfully crafted and eco-conscious. At Analog Watch Co, they sell sleek wooden and marble watches that give back to the environment and to local communities.

Buy it here for $150.00.

Statement Tie Bar,

Novelty Tie Bar

Perfect for the stylishly inclined gentlemen out there.  Tie bars can add an easy touch of style to the traditional suit and tie. From anchors and vintage keys to darts and mustaches, you’ll find a bar to suit any personality at

Buy it here for $20.00.

Beard Soaps, Brooklyn Grooming


For any guy with ambitions of beardedness, the beard soaps from Brooklyn Grooming are the answer.  Its earthy scents make for a masculine soap that’s perfect for everyday use.  Made with shea butter and soothing oils, it’ll keep any beard feeling fresh, clean, and healthy.

Buy the soap here for $18.00, and the brush here for $36.00.

Handcrafted Pen, Allegory Goods


There’s nothing like a well-made pen.  Hook someone up with a pen worthy of his career aspirations.  The handcrafted pens from Allegory Goods are some of the coolest around.  Made with reclaimed wood from all over the world, Allegory’s pens are uniquely original and eye-catching.  

Buy it here for $85 – $125.

Soaps, Emerson Soaps

Emerson Soap

Having trouble telling the guys in your life that they need to upgrade from their high school days of using Axe?  A couple bars of Emerson soaps should do the trick. With interesting scents like bay rum and cedar wood and high-quality ingredients, Emerson soaps are a grooming essential for every man.  

Buy them here for $8.00.

Cocktail Mixes, W&P Design


Know any amateur mixologists?  If so, then this might be the perfect gift.  W & P Design has a bunch of quick and easy cocktail mixes that’ll make pulling off the perfect cocktail as easy as drinking it.  Their flavors range from the timeless Moscow Mule to everyone’s favorite morning cocktail, the Bloody Mary.

Buy them here for $24.

Old Fashioned Cocktail Set, Broquet


One more for all the aspiring mixologists out there. It goes without saying that the Old Fashioned is king when it comes to cocktails. To all the guys out there who agree, this is the gift box for them. “The Gentleman & Scholar” gift box from Broquet comes with 2 Old Fashioned glasses, 2 variations of bitters, a muddler, an ice sphere mold, and various garnishing tools. The only thing it doesn’t come with is the booze.

Buy it here for $79.