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8 Beach Day Essentials Remember these, and we guarantee you'll be beach-ready

Summer, the season of easy living, is upon us. The grills are on, music festivals are in full force, and the sun is calling to us all. More importantly, beach trips are now in order–it’s time to relax and get your tan on. Trips to the beach are bound to happen on a weekly, if not daily, basis, so we’re here to make sure you get the most of them. We’ve rounded up a list of essentials to make this summer the most beach-centric yet. Keep these beach essentials in your car so you can be ready to hit the sand on a moment’s notice.



We’re not optometrists, but if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the sun, you should probably be protecting your eyes. The style of shades is ultimately up to you, but we’re suckers for the classics, like a pair of Clubmasters. Look for a pair with UV protection or polarized lenses.


how-to-be-beach-ready-hatThe sun is great, but enduring it for hours on end can get tiresome. A hat will serve form and function at the beach. You get protection from the sun and the added benefit of style points. Stick to something like a straw hat, which will ventilate as much as it keeps you safe from the sun.

Packable Towel

how-to-be-beach-ready-towelRather than packing up a towel from your bathroom, consider one that’s actually meant for the beach. This parasheet towel by Grand Trunk, for example, is very compact, easy to carry, and even has sand pockets on each corner so that it won’t blow away.


how-to-be-beach-ready-toteTotes are a go-to when it comes to beach trips. They are usually made of a canvas-type material, and can be found in a wide variety of colors. On top being able to fit all your essentials, they can take a beating from saltwater and sand.



As relaxing as laying on a towel might be, if you’re spending a full day at the beach, you might want to sit back sometime. A backpack chair will be as convenient as they come. The right chair will work as a backpack, chair, and a cooler.



Sure, you could get by with your phone’s speaker, but it’s likely not loud enough to get the party going. A water-resistant speaker will let you keep your phone tucked away safe while providing tunes for your friends and family.


how-to-be-beach-ready-footwearLeave the flip-flops at home and opt for something with more style. A pair of woven slippers, espadrilles, or boat shoes will slip on and off easily without compromising the rest of your cool outfit.

Swim Trunks


Technically you can take any shorts if you’re not planning on jumping in the water, but where’s the fun in that? A pair of stylish swim trunks will dry quickly and breathe better than any pair of regular shorts. Try to follow these rules when it comes to styling your shorts to avoid looking lazy and childish.


Other than food and beer (if the beach you’re at allow it), you’re basically ready for some fun times under the sun. Tell us, did we miss anything? What are you favorite beach essentials?

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