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How to Fold a Shirt The definitive guide on folding your favorite button-down Optimize
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We’ve all been there. You’re frantically searching your closet for your favorite shirt convinced it isn’t there, only to realize the hanger was tilted and the shirt was hiding in the shadows. It gets worse. That beloved shirt that you planned your outfit around is a jungle of creases and you’re already late. Don’t let this defeat, define you.  Enter: our how-to guide for folding a collared shirt. This method will not only guarantee a crease-free life of happiness but will allow you to store your beloved shirts folded (is your mind blown yet?)  and stacked so you can easily find all your favorites. 

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Begin by spreading your shirt out face down with the bottom opening closest to you and the arm out wide. The key is to do this on a flat surface and make sure the shirt is as crease-free/smooth as possible.

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Take one side of the shirt (side 1)  and fold it towards the middle. At this point, both sleeves should be facing the same way.

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Now, working with the folded side, fold the sleeve (we’ll call this sleeve 1) away from the center again, so that it’s facing it’s original direction, and then fold it down towards the hem of the shirt. At this point, your shirt should look like an upside-down L with the cuff of sleeve 1 almost touching the base of the shirt and the cuff of sleeve 2 extended out.

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Repeat on the other side of the shirt 

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Your shirt should be a skinny rectangle now with both arms extended down the back.

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From the collar, fold the shirt back towards you so that the collar is facing up and you create a fatter rectangle. IMG 3865 1 At this point, you can stack multiple shirts. Just be sure to store flat with the collar side up. 

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