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How to Get Ready for Summer as Told By Our Style Gurus Our most stylish influencers give tips on how to get summer-ready

Spring has sprung away and it’s officially summer. Sometimes the hardest task, besides trying to find beach parking, is how to dress properly for the heat. If you have a job that requires you to dress up a bit, it can be even more challenging.

This is why we asked our Style Gurus, the unofficial official experts in menswear, how they get ready for summer. This is what they had to say.

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Matt Hartman @runnineverlong

summer navy suit on Matt Hartman @Runnineverlong

“I swap out my blazers and go with cotton, seersucker and linen blazers. Need to keep cool during those hot days and it starts with the fabric choices. I also will be using no-show socks to keep the calves cool. My summer looks will also always include a cool pair of sunglasses!”

Nick Pinsker @thekingof5thave

summer shorts on Nick Pinsker @thekingof5thave

“I like to get in shape for summer.”

Joseph Lucido @joseph.lucido

summer outfit with Joseph Lucido @joseph.lucido

“I get ready for the summer by hiding away my winter clothing and breaking out the shorts, short sleeve shirts, linen, and swimwear. My style advice for the summer is to really embrace colors and patterns, don’t be afraid to use swimwear for other things besides the pool, and add some fun hats to your lineup.”

Steven E. Elliott @stevendelliott

cotton ties for summer according to Steven E. Elliott @stevendelliott

“I’m getting ready for the summer season with purchasing a few summer items and mixing them in with spring cotton ties.”

Jason Trinsey @oxfordandhenley

suits for summer according to Jason Trinley @oxfordandhenley

“Well first thing I bring out in the summertime is my summer suits – linen is your best friend! I also have a seersucker tie that I absolutely love!”

Steven Sharpe Jr. @stevensharpejr

summer outfits with Steven Sharpe Jr. @stevensharpejr

“Getting ready for summer is a process but it usually involves lugging winter wear into storage (hello New York). However, it also involves switching to no-show socks, assessing/purging all my tees and short sleeves to make sure they’re inline with what vibes I’m going for, and switching to iced coffee!

I don’t wear shorts ever (and neither does Tom Ford so it’s fine) so I get my cropped trousers and cuff game ready.”

Trey Scott @dscottstyle

how to get summer ready with Trey Scott @dscottstyle

“Well first off I get most of the winter stuff down and into bins to make room for the new clothes and clothes I picked up on sale during the winter season. I love wearing suits, but I do also live in Texas! So I like to find out where I will be that day and how long, then let that decide if it will be a breathable light suit (linen or cotton) or a nice polo shirt and shorts.

I like to wear a lot of light colors, I haven’t done research but it makes me feel like I’m a bit cooler when I’m outside. I show a lot of ankle in the warmer months. So no show socks, loafers, and a new pair of all white low tops are always in rotation.

Lastly, I love to wear sunglasses at any glimpse of sun, plus they make you look 78% cooler. Just have a lot of fun with outfits and mix different colors, it works for me!”

Christian Bringolf @denim_and_whiskey

summer workouts with Christian Bringolf @denim_and_whiskey

“I prepare for summer by hitting my CrossFit gym 4x a week. I’m pretty much gonna be sore all  summer, but the amount of calories I’m burning and the core work I’m getting makes me feel good about putting on those swim trunks.”

Ryan Rosenkilde @ryan.rosenkilde

summer workouts and suits according to Ryan Rosenkilde @ryan.rosenkilde

“With summer approaching, I’m taking my workout routine a little more seriously.

Warmer months bring a whole slew of issues for your skin. Sweat, sun, increased oil production…It’s a mess! I’m incorporating a daily moisturizer with SPF and ensuring all of my products are oil free to help cut back on the shine by midday.

From a style perspective, I’m loading up on warm weather essentials. I love having a good selection of shorts, crew neck t-shirts, and no-show socks so I have plenty of options to get me through the summer.”

It’s Getting Haute Over Here

Are there any tips you want to add? Let us know your summer style tips in the comments below.

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