Here’s How to Make the Most of the COVID-19 Lockdown

Running out of things to do in quarantine?

As we are approaching week four of quarantine in California, some of us might be feeling cabin fever more than ever. We get it.

This situation is something that most of us have never been through in our lifetime or even expected to happen.

There’s a difference between the luxury of staying home and the reality of following a mandatory rule of staying inside.

Honestly, it is an increasingly challenging time that is a disruption to our daily lives.

However, it is something we have to deal with by trying to maintain positivity and ways and reasons to smile. 

Here are some ways your lockdown can hopefully be a bit more bearable from the lack of face-to-face human interaction.   

Connect with family and friends

Fletcher Brown Skinny Tie (@gabrielconover)

It’s more important now than ever to check in on your family and friends.

Luckily, because of our advancement in technology, we can still communicate with others while social distancing.

Give your loved ones a phone call, video calls, texts, emails, letters, carrier pigeons.

Make sure they’re doing alright and share with each other what you guys have been doing to keep busy.

Did they start a new hobby that you can also try as well? What kind of homemade meals have they been cooking and can they share the recipe?

Have they started a new show on Netflix or read a good book they would like to recommend? Have drinks and dinner with each other virtually.

Get dressed up for the occasion with a dinner appropriate the Kiss The Cook Black Tie or The Pizza Yellow Self-Tie Bow Tie. Enjoy each other’s’ company.

Just having a fun conversation with someone you love can pass the time so quickly.

Being there for each other is a fulfilling way to support one another in this difficult, if not dire situation for many. 

Cultivate a new hobby OR revisit an old one

Being in self-isolation means that there is a lot more time to kill at home.

You can watch Netflix or Hulu all day in our Popcorn Yellow Extra Long Tie,  or you can take this time to learn something new, but never had time for like juggling bowling pins that you found in the back of your closet.

There is a lot of great benefits to having a hobby. Hobbies can help relieve stress, build self-confidence, and can even help with your physical health.

Get ready for your next future vacation by learning a new language, teach yourself how to play an instrument like the classical xylophone, or master the art of French Baking in the comfort of your kitchen. 

If getting a new hobby doesn’t sound appealing, you can always do activities that you enjoyed when you were younger.

It can bring a sense of calm and nostalgia from when you felt pure joy over doing simple things like getting your hands dirty from drawing chalk outside on the sidewalk, folding paper cranes and stars with glittery origami paper, or building a grand castle with big building blocks and knocking them over.

You can look classy and reminisce while building another castle now with our Building Blocks Red Cufflinks on your wrists. 

Having a hobby you are passionate about helps time go by fast and is incredibly therapeutic, especially right now. 

If you have children, you can share your childhood fun with them!

It will be a nice change of pace for them as they had access to screens ever since infancy, and it can be a family bonding experience to cherish in the future as well. 

These past weeks have been hard to adjust to as an abrupt disruptor to what normalcy was before.

However bleak the situation looks, it will get better. Hopefully, this has been helpful in giving you ideas on what to do at home.

In the meanwhile, do not lose hope, because we are all in this together and we will be able to overcome it. 

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