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How to Make Yourself Look Older: Easy Tips

There are many reasons why a man might want to appear older, whether it’s to impress a woman or to be taken more seriously at work.

Today, youthfulness is more appreciated than ever as companies are looking for bright new ideas to help them conquer the ever-changing landscape of the business world. 

However, negative stereotypes about young people still permeate our culture and can deter even the best of men from achieving their goals.

Looking older is not impossible, even if you have a babyface, but it will take some work if you really want to change people’s perceptions of you.

While young women utilize tricks and wear makeup like eyeliner, eyeshadow, and red lipstick or wear high heels, young men have to think a little more outside the box when it comes to looking older.

Here are some useful tips that will help capture that mature look you are going for:  

Man wearing a Suit
Man wearing a Suit

Upgrade Your Professional Attire

Over the past couple of decades, there has been a trend towards informality in the workplace, and it is becoming common for men to show up for work sporting just a button shirt or even a polo.

Some of your peers may take this opportunity to dress casually, but if you want to look older than your actual age and gain respect at the office, you should put in the effort to look good. 

If you do want to look older, a suit is definitely the best way to go. When selecting a suit, it’s important that it fits properly and is tailored to your proportions. 

Nothing looks more childish than a man in a baggy, ill-fitting suit. 

It’s also important that your suit is the proper style for the workplace.

While a three-piece suit in a bright color or even a pastel might look good at an event like a wedding, in the office, go with dark, solid colors or pinstripes to keep it classy.

August Steiner Mens Classic Watch

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Go For a Classic Watch

Smartwatches are convenient and useful, but they can also be seen as distractions.

This can make you seem immature if you decide to wear one. A classic analog wristwatch is a perfect accessory to make you look older without overdoing it. 

A classic watch harkens back to the days before everybody had a clock in their cellphones, and a respectable man wouldn’t leave his house without a watch on his wrist or in his pocket. 

The fact that a watch is a classic does not mean that it has to be boring, because you can still add a personal touch to show your individual style.

If you want to add a little bit of flair to your timepiece, we recommend customizing it with your choice of a leather band.

Man with a beard
Man with a beard

Grow Some Facial Hair

Facial hair is definitely associated with older men and can make you seem more rugged.

Growing a beard or a mustache can add some years to your look, but it’s important that it’s done right. 

  • Firstly, if you can’t grow facial hair that isn’t patchy or too thin, then it probably isn’t a good idea to force it. An inadequate beard will only make you look desperate and even younger than you are, and there is nothing wrong with the clean-shaven look. 
  • Secondly, if you do decide to rock a beard or a mustache, it’s important that you keep it properly groomed and styled with the correct hair and skincare products, or you might be seen as unkempt. 
a man speaking in public
Speaking in public

Modify Your Speaking Habits

Younger people have a very specific way of speaking that can make them stand out among the older generations.

Overusing words such as “like” or “ugh” is viewed as very unprofessional and can give away your age immediately.

The way that you speak on social media may not be the way you want to speak in a professional environment

We suggest limiting your use of these words as much as possible.

Try to pay attention and make a mental note anytime that you find yourself using one of these words, and pretty soon, you will notice them drift out of your vocabulary. 

Conversely, it might be a good idea to try to expand your vocabulary by developing a reading habit or using flashcards.

This is a surefire way to make you seem more sophisticated. You should also do your best to speak as clearly as possible and not to mumble, as that can be seen as impudent. 

Lastly, avoid using slang and trendy shorthand words in your conversations. If you want to seem more mature, proper English is always the way to go.

Getting A Hair Cut 1024x680

Opt For a Classic Hairstyle

Shaggy or unkempt long hair might help you earn some favor with the ladies, but if your goal is to look grown-up, then it’s best that you leave those styles behind.

We recommend going with a more classic look, something sharp and stylish like a short side part or a tight fade that will complement your face shape. 

Hair-dos like man buns or a fringe cut aren’t associated with older generations and can accentuate the youthfulness in your appearance.

Products such as pomade and hair gel can help give you a clean look, but you should avoid using too much of them or using them to spike your hair.


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Avoid Casual Attire

We’ve got nothing against wearing sweatpants and hoodies around the house, but being seen out in clothing like this can definitely hurt your chances of looking older.

When they are not in the office, many guys have a tendency to throw on any old outfit, but no matter where you are, people’s attitudes towards you can always be affected by how you dress. 

If you really want to look older than you are, you need to start upping your game in all facets of your life, and that includes the clothes you wear.

Start trying to include quality, classic pieces to make the best impression. The next time you go out to brunch with your friends, swap the sweat pants for some trousers and lose the t-shirt for a button-down and maybe a blazer.

The shoes you wear can also say a lot about a person. If you’re constantly wearing worn-out sneakers, then what do you think that says about you?

Sneakers are okay if they are not worn out, and they are simple in their design, but if you really want to impress, you can go for a pair of oxfords or a nice pair of boots.

A man working out in the gym
A man working out in the gym

Add Some Muscle To Your Frame

Bulking up is a great way to give yourself a more mature physique and give you the confidence you need to succeed.

Going to the gym regularly can seem like a tenuous endeavor, but when you start to see the results, you will be glad that you did. 

Along with exercising, you should think about taking your diet more seriously, cut out the fast food and junk food, and start buying or making yourself proper meals. 

If you really want to leave your younger days behind you, then you can take the time to learn how to cook for yourself.

This type of initiative and self-sufficiency is a great way to seem older.

Not only that but putting effort into wellness can change the way you hold yourself (no more slouch) and even your body language to make you seem older than you are.

Men Accessories

Upgrade Your Accessories

We’ve already mentioned the benefits of going for a classic accessory like an analog wristwatch, but there are plenty of other accessories that can help give you an older look. 

Backpacks are convenient and comfortable, but if you are no longer in high school, it’s probably time to ditch it for something more mature.

Black Wool Felt Flower Lapel Pin

Black Wool Felt Flower Lapel Pin

Add style and a subtle hint of class with the Black Wool Felt Flower Lapel Pin. Complete your formal wear look with this classic and timeless piece.

A classic leather briefcase is a perfect accessory to add some years and professionalism to your appearance.

The next time you stroll into the office with your briefcase, people will start to view you in a different light.

A common mistake made by younger men is that they don’t think anyone notices the fact that they recycle through the same 4 or 5 worn-out ties.

We’re here to tell you right now that people do notice. 

Wearing a worn-out tie or even wearing the same tie too frequently are not the traits of a seasoned gentleman. Investing in quality ties is not only a great way to look older, but it can also make you stand out among the crowd. 

The same thing goes for socks. There are too many guys who are still wearing their worn-out socks that they have had since freshman year of college, and they think that it’s not a big deal.

If you want to look older and be respected by your peers, it’s imperative that you start giving attention to the details of your life.

a man getting ready
Looking mature


Looking young can have all sorts of benefits, but plenty of men want to make themselves look older.

Experience, wisdom, and intelligence are some of the traits associated with older men, so it’s no surprise that there are a number of guys who want to be seen in that light. 

Looking older is a very achievable goal, and all it really takes is a few changes to your aesthetic and daily habits, even if you have a baby face that makes you look like a ten-year-old. 

There are certain looks associated with older generations that if you integrate them into your personal style, you will be looking older in no time.

There is not a single quick fix for making yourself look older, but if you follow the tips we have listed and really make an effort, it won’t be long before you start to gain the respect that comes with looking older.  

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