How To Stay Organized During A Lockdown 

Lockdowns aren’t your normal occurrence. Most people in the United States live their whole lives without worrying about a lockdown taking place. But when something like a lockdown does happen, it can instantly leave you confused and ultimately questioning what to do next. You suddenly find yourself scrambling, trying to complete the whole to-do list of things at once. Instead, start small. Begin with something as simple as how to stay organized during this lockdown.

It’s a problem that people face often, organization. But what we’ve found is that during some serious decluttering is a good way to feel in control of a situation, to eliminate stress, and to help you be more creative in your home environment. We know, it’s hard to find where to begin, but luckily we have some tips to aid you in your pursuit of self-isolated-organizing. 

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Understand the items that you need, want, or know need to go

Sort through your belongings. It’s important to begin with items that you know you need, separate the ones you know you want, and throw away what’s leftover. Toss out old clothes that doesn’t fit correctly anymore, electronics that have long stopped working, old high school sports gear, or even unwanted toys from childhood that your parents gave to you when you moved out of their house. Letting go of sentimental items can be tough so when in doubt go with the classic question of “does is spark joy?”

Find a home for everything

Take a look around your apartment/house. What do you use daily? Start with that. Start by determining your daily necessities and find a home for the items you don’t use as often. It can be as simple as placing that blender that you use every two weeks away in a cupboard that still has some space or even using a Valet Tray to keep your true essentials, like your phone, keys, and accessories, in a safe easy place to spot.

Get Crafty

Ever wanted to try some DIY projects? Now is the time to get crafty! Sort through the pile that you’ve placed to the side to throw away. Determine if there is anything amongst the unfitted clothing and old electronics that you can use to build a new home for those wanted items you don’t need daily. Try making drawer dividers, hooks, hanging rod, and shelves. I know it’s a lot to do, but the extra time that you have during this lockdown allows for more creativity. 

Do your research

There are a lot of items out there that can help you stay organized. A simple Tie Rack and Belt Rack, for example, can be a good way to keep your closet neat. There are other storage features that can help as well, so it’s always good to make sure you do your research.

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