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The Best Tips for Improving Your Summer Style A guide to dressing when it's hot out

It’s summer and its time to spend your days soaking in the sun of the outdoors. Gone are the days of freezing nights and bitter rain. If you’re anything like me, you’re relishing in every moment outside of the office and down by the water or relaxing at the pool. However, summer always presents unique sartorial problems.

When summer comes, you can count on double-digit heat spikes, humidity, freezing air conditioning, nights that can range from uncomfortable warm to breezy, to downright frigid. See the contradictions? Worse yet, summer doesn’t adhere to the same styling rules as its counterparts. Gone are the days where a smart bomber jacket can save your style. Summer style means more fun but it also means more attention.

Here are some easy tips for improving your summer fashion and breezing through the wildest months of the year.

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The Superior No-Show Sock

Summer No-Show Socks

Want to boil in your clothes all summer long? Then slip on your wool socks with abandonment. If you’re a normal, sane person like us, then you’re probably trying to cool down whenever possible.

The no-show socks are your best friends when it’s hot out. Your feet are one of the biggest areas in your body that regulate heat. So why would you keep them insulated? You wouldn’t and shouldn’t. No-show socks keep everything breathable while avoiding the pitfalls many men make by deciding to go sockless altogether.

No-show socks are also just a great style choice. They accentuate your shoes and allow for rolled jeans to create contrast with your footwear.

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A Summer Appropriate Pair of Shoes

Summer Shoes
We’ve talked about shoes a lot on here. Summer shoe styles are some of the best. While we’re sad to see boots go mostly by the wayside, there are so many more styles to explore.

Minimalist sneakers and espadrilles are our picks for the warm weather months. The sneakers are well within the bounds of classic, everyday fashion and will no doubt work with whatever you pair with them. Whether its a suit or a pair of swim trunks, minimalist sneakers are simultaneously casual and dressed up. To seal the deal, they are the perfect choice for no-show socks.

Espadrilles, on the other hand, bring some liveliness to your footwear. Their simple design makes them a dream for exploring patterns and designs without getting in the way of function. These shoes have the versatility too, looking great for after work wear as well as on the beach. Think of these as the better, grown-up sandal.

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Cooling Down in Lighter Denim

Summer Denim
J-CrewI love both my black and indigo jeans but there’s no doubt that they feel out of place in one hundred degrees weather. Worse, those colors only work to attract the heat. That doesn’t mean you need to cut denim out for the summer at entirely. Let’s talk alternatives.

Light wash jeans should be your go-to for denim in summer. Their color is cooling and stylish and pairs with brighter summer colors. For these reasons, white and tan jeans are excellent options as well.
If you’re really looking to beat the heat, distressed denim is something to consider. Subtle tears in the denim provide that edgy look and give another pathway for heat to leave your body. Just don’t go overboard.

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Texturizing your Style

Summer Texture

When you’re wearing fewer clothes out, the texture is key. It’s hard to make a simple button-down stand out without gravitating towards bold patterns. For us simple style gurus, textured pieces can make all the difference. Instead of using your chest as a mural for flowers, birds or whatever else is being put on shirts these days, opt for interesting materials.

Velour, toweling, and suede are all good choices. Our favorite would have to be seersucker. The material creates some interesting contrast but is still subtle for everyday use. Stick to things like velour when you’re making some nighttime style swerves.

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Proper Watches for Warmer Weather

Summer Watches

Men’s accessories are rather limited. Thus the importance of the watch is not only for function but also giving you some seriously needed accessorizing. Unfortunately, those expensive metal watches are a pain in the summer heat. More so, summer is time for relaxing your looks and these pricey, metal watches can look out of place.

The “nato” strap is perfect. Its lightweight canvas is breathable and interchangeable. Unlike their counterparts, these watches can change to fit your mood. Watches with interchangeable straps are just what summer needs. Going to the beach? Go for navy knit bands. Have a fancy dinner? Switch that out for a leather band. Try swapping out the metal for nato, knit or leather band, and you’ll be grateful when you’re crushing summer fashion and staying cooler than everyone else at the office.

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Layering In The Heat (yes layering)

Summer Layering

Layering might seem counterproductive while trying to stay cool but summer is unpredictable. Summer shows, windy nights and June gloom all throw off the hallmarks of warm weather fashion. The problem is, you can’t just reach for one of your winter jackets. Their heavy materials will turn a much-needed respite from the heat into an awkward, sweat-induced night.

Layering can be exactly what you need. Linen and seersucker provide just enough warmth in a layer without going anywhere near too hot. You’re going to find yourself gravitating to the shirt-jacket and for good reason. Just take a cool button down you love and throw it over your t-shirt. Simple, stylish and cool. For those nights you need something more though, an unstructured blazer of chore jacket are go-to choices.

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Why should winter get all the style moves? Summer is just as fun if not more. Get out of your comfort zone and stick to these tips for looking good no matter what this season throws at you.

How do you nail summer style? Let us know in the comments below!

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